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Why Adblue is so important for the car

At the latest when the diesel drivers can no longer refuel the substance, it becomes a big problem. What exactly is AdBlue and what do you need it for.

Refueling: In modern diesel cars, this doesn’t just mean fuel – the AdBlue urea solution also needs to be topped up regularly. But when? For what?

AdBlue is a urea solution required as an additive for new diesel vehicles to clean exhaust gases and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. Because modern diesel cars are equipped with a SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system, a special catalyst to reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions of the diesel car. This requires an additional tank into which AdBlue is filled.

AdBlue is the protected trade name of what is known as AUS 32, a synthetically produced and extremely pure 32.5% urea solution. The ISO 22241 standard guarantees this high level of purity and consistent quality. AdBlue is non-toxic, but urea has an aggressive effect

The urea solution converts nitrogen oxides into water vapor and nitrogen, which are harmless to the environment. That is why AdBlue has been used in trucks for a long time. Newer diesel cars also need the additive. Depending on the vehicle, the AdBlue tank has a capacity of 8 to 33 litres.

AdBlue consumption is three to five percent of fuel consumption. Depending on the operating conditions and tuning of the exhaust system, AdBlue should be topped up every 5,000 to 15,000 kilometers. As a rule, a level control system shows when AdBlue needs topping up. Incidentally, you should heed his warnings, because once the urea solution has run out, the engine can no longer be started.

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If you want to reload it yourself, you need some skill. Due to the dangers of skin contact and the difficult access to the AdBlue tank, we recommend having the additive refilled in the workshop. AdBlue tanks are usually designed in such a way that the urea solution is topped up during the workshop inspection.

Contrary to what one might think, AdBlue cannot be obtained from urine. The urea solution consists of 32.5% synthetic urea and 67.5% demineralized water. Natural gas is required for the synthesis of urea. Due to the sharp increase in price, bottlenecks in the supply were sometimes feared. The intermediate product ammonium carbamate is produced under high pressure in a large-scale plant from ammonia and carbon dioxide. Synthetic urea is then extracted from it under low pressure. This synthetic urea is dissolved in demineralised water.

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