Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Up to 25 percent: Tesla lowers the price of compressors

Prices at electric car charging stations are rising, but charging at Tesla superchargers is getting cheaper. Before that, however, there had been steep increases.

Up to 18 cents less per kilowatt hour – a

Tesla will be able to charge electric car drivers more cheaply in the future. The US automaker is slashing compressor prices by an average of about 55 cents, Teslamag reports.

Tesla had previously raised its prices several times, most recently the cost of charging current between 65 and 73 cents per kilowatt hour. On the one hand, there are regional differences in prices: in Böblingen, for example, the top-up now costs a maximum of 61 centimes, in Soltau 52 centimes. Since October, however, superchargers have tariffs that depend on the time of day: between 20:00 and 6:00 you can get energy at a cheaper nightly rate. It is especially expensive during peak hours between 4-8pm. Tesla justified this by wanting to even out the demand.

There’s a reason for that: The number of possible clients has increased dramatically since last year. Not only has Tesla made Germany’s best-selling car in the meantime with the Model Y, the compressors are now also approved for cars of other brands.

In comparison, according to the online magazine “Golem”, however, electricity is even more expensive than that of the competitor EnBW: here a kilowatt hour costs 55 cents at the normal rate; as a subscription (six euros a month) it costs 46 cents.

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