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Two thousand tons of garbage: Amazon continues to destroy masses of new goods

According to reports, Amazon will continue to destroy tons of new goods. After a change in the law, only the internal name was changed.

The company online

Amazon continues to destroy tons of new goods. The magazine “Business Insider” and the ZDF “Frontal” program reported it. Their reporters have been leaked documents and photos from company employees, who are supposed to prove it.

“Pallets with solar lights, toner cartridges, lamps, keyboards” could be seen in the images of Amazon employees from various locations. It is said that the products were new goods destined to be destroyed.

Amazon has internally changed the name of the process, they say. In some locations, the mail order company will refer to this as “reworking” or “removal”. Amazon deliberately avoids the word “Destroy” (destroy) “to give the whole thing a better name,” “Frontal” quotes an insider.

The magazine compared the company with the research results. A company spokesperson responded in writing that the company disposed of less than one percent of Amazon’s products. More than half of the products Amazon sells come from partner companies, it is said.

The environmental organization “Greenpeace” documented in 2019 which new goods the retailer had thrown away. As a result, the Bundestag introduced new rules for retailers in 2020 as part of a reform of the circular economy law.

Since then, the so-called duty of care has provided for “in the sale of products, including in relation to collection or return, to ensure that the products remain fit for use and that they do not become waste”.

Shortly thereafter, “Greenpeace” complained that Amazon continued to destroy new assets and failed to comply with stricter regulations. At the Amazon site in Winsen, Lower Saxony, the originally packaged goods were pre-sorted for destruction, he said. Even then, Amazon pointed out that the number of products to be disposed of was “in the range per thousand”.

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