Sunday, November 27, 2022

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This is new on Twitter next week

In the coming week, Twitter wants to restart the subscription model. Musk’s decisions have caused a lot of confusion in the past.

Elon Musk begins a new attempt at a subscription model on Twitter. The revised version will begin on a trial basis next week, the billionaire and new owner of the short messaging service announced on Friday.

The premium account contains several colored check marks that identify users as verified. Gold is for corporations, gray is for governments, and blue is for individuals. Before an account receives this seal, users are checked individually.

“Individuals may have a small secondary logo to show their affiliation with an organization if they are verified as such by that organization,” Musk added in another tweet. He initially did not provide information on costs. At the beginning of the month, he had to cancel a first attempt to introduce a subscription model after a few days because fake accounts were popping up like mushrooms. “Twitter Blue” owed eight dollars a month.

Musk, who also runs electric car maker Tesla, among other things, has completely transformed Twitter since the acquisition in late October. With its erratic decisions, it offends both employees and users. Incidentally, the mass layoffs are drawing criticism.

The question arises whether the social network can comply with the stricter rules in the fight against illegal content on its platform, said European Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders. According to an insider, Reynders asked Twitter for specific measures to ensure this. If companies fail to comply with the Digital Services Act, which will take effect from February 2024, they will face fines of up to six percent of their global annual revenue.

At the same time, Musk announced an amnesty for some banned users. These are said to be users who have not broken the law or been guilty of serious spam offences. Musk had previously lifted the ban on former US President Donald Trump. His user account was blocked after his followers stormed the United States Capitol in early 2021.

In this context, several companies have stopped their advertising activities and some of their Twitter posts. The federal government is also watching the development “with growing concern”. A number of ministries already have accounts with the Mastodon short messaging service.

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