Monday, December 5, 2022

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These hits from the series are missing from the cheapest Netflix subscription

Netflix just launched its cheapest subscription with ads. But the low price also comes at the expense of the content.

The recently introduced savings subscription from

Netflix, “Basic Membership with Ads”, apparently has a significantly reduced range of content. This results in a comparison via the streaming information platform

There he shows, for example, that the cheapest subscription for 4.99 euros per month currently only contains around 3,300 films, the other, more expensive subscription levels offer around 5,000 films for streaming.

In the case of series, the difference is less serious. At the moment, 136 of the 2,186 series available are missing. Among them, however, are some cult productions.

Among the currently 100 most watched series, the following are missing from the “Basic subscription with advertising”:

In the case of movies, the list is much broader. Among the currently most popular strips, these titles are currently missing:

Netflix doesn’t communicate these differences in an obvious way. On the subscription models comparison page, you can find the following note in small print:

“With the basic subscription with ads, there is a limited number of movies and series that are not available for licensing reasons. There are also some restrictions in terms of location and device.”

How large this number is Netflix doesn’t quantify, however it would also be difficult to name an exact number, as the amount of available content changes several times a day.

Under this link, users of can get an idea of ​​what content is available on the “Netflix basis with ads”.

The content is shown on Netflix itself, but is marked with a lock.

Netflix has left unanswered questions about the exact causes and details of the different deals up until the time of publication.

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