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The hottest scooter news for 2023

In 2023, a number of innovations in the scooter segment will hit the market, from the fast electric model to the classic combustion engine with more technology.

The scooter segment is booming: especially during the pandemic phase since 2020, the number of registrations has increased significantly. In big cities there is also scooter sharing, which has brought motorized two-wheelers back into the limelight.

The trend is towards electric drives. Those who want to be zero-emissions on two wheels will find, starting next season, an ever wider range of products, especially in the scooter sector. After the category of e-scooters with speeds up to 45 km/h has grown significantly in recent years, there are now some faster single track electric vehicles among the e-new products. At the same time, some conventionally powered scooters are being upgraded. In the 125 class there are also some new, simple and cheap models. The most interesting models at a glance:

Fantic enters the electric business with the Joy city scooter. It is available with a 3 kW/4 hp electric motor, which accelerates the Joy 45 in the entry-level version and in the L3e version up to 65 km/h. Two 2,2 kWh battery capacities should be possible and thus a range of up to 100 kilometers.

Govecs is now also offering its Flex 2.0 e-scooter, which will initially be reserved for sharing services in 2021, to private customers. The electric city vehicle of class L1E (up to 45 km/h) is driven by a 2.3 kW/3 HP hub motor in the rear wheel. The battery compartment for up to two batteries for a range of 57 or 112 kilometers is located under the seat. About 4,000

Euro costs the Flex with a battery.

As the first of at least ten electric two-wheelers planned by 2025, Honda will launch the EM1 e-scooter next year. The moped is intended for urban use. The energy supply should be sufficient for a distance of 40 kilometers, the battery is removable; can be recharged at home.

With the SK1, Horwin has completed its range with a choice of fast 25 or 45km/h electric scooters. With the latter, the rear wheel hub motor mobilizes up to 3 kW/4 hp. Two battery formats are available for a range of 71 or 96 kilometers. The slower SK1 Light has an output of 1.3 kW/1.8 hp and its range is 89 or 116 kilometres. The equipment includes an LC display, LED lights and a keyless start system. Cost point: around 3,000 euros.

With #e01 Electric, Italjet will launch its first e-scooter in the second half of 2023. The electric motor with 6 kW/8 HP continuous and 12 kW/16 HP peak power and 340 Nm torque transmits its power to the wheel rear via a strap. Thanks to the 4.9 kWh battery, the range is up to 180 kilometers in urban areas and up to 90 kilometers in off-road trips.

The scooter brand Lambretta, which was reborn a few years ago, is expanding its model range for the 2023 season with the G350. The retro scooter is powered by a two-link CVT transmission and a 19 kW/25.8 HP water-cooled single-cylinder engine that drives the rear wheel. Special features of the equipment are ABS and the large TFT display in the cockpit. Price: probably around 7,000 euros.

With the Madison 125, Malaguti has completely modernized the design. The water-cooled injection single-cylinder will deliver 9 kW/12 hp in the future. In addition to a sporty look, there are LEDs all around, a keyless system, an alarm system and ABS. The price should well exceed 3,000 euros.

With the Ventura 125, Motron brings a large-wheeled (16-inch) scooter with a single-cylinder air-cooled engine. The unit has to deliver 7.2 kW/10 hp to the rear wheel via CVT and thus accelerate to a maximum of 90 km/h. There are hydraulic disc brakes with CBS system at the front and rear. The price is around 2,600 euros.

The MV Augusta motorcycle manufacturer expands its range with the Ampelio electric scooter. The retro model delivers up to 7 kW/10 hp. If two removable batteries are on board, Ampelio can travel up to 85 kilometers at speeds of up to 95 km/h.

With the E-Streetzone, Peugeot supplies the E-Ludix with a second electric scooter of the class 50. Customers can choose between one or two batteries. If there’s a battery, there’s room in the glove compartment for a jet helmet. With two batteries, the range is up to 112 kilometers. Prices should exceed 3,000 euros.

At the beginning of 2023, Peugeot Motorcycles will launch the XP 400, a sports scooter with off-road allure. The transmission is a single-cylinder 27 kW/36 HP. Special features are the USD forks, the rough profile tires and, in the case of the GT version, the spoked wheels. The 400 probably costs around 7,000 euros.

Piaggio has renewed its classic three-wheeler MP3. The front and rear have been redesigned and the lights have been converted to LEDs. Inside the cabin are motorcycle-style handle controls, as well as a 7-inch color display for the MIA infotainment system. The top model is the 33 kW/44 hp 530 hpe Exclusive, equipped with the ARAS service package. The entry-level model is the 10,800 euro MP3 400 hp with 26 kW/35 hp.

The fast Ray 7.7 e-scooter comes from Spain, which is in the 125 class with 10.7 kW/14.3 hp continuous and 17.5 kW/23 hp peak power, but can reach up to 125 km/h . Thanks to its almost 8 kWh battery, it still has a range of over 100 kilometers even at high speeds. The price is also high at 9,700 euros.

With the Address 125, Suzuki offers a simple scooter in the lightweight class with a classic look. Its air-cooled single-cylinder has an output of 6.4 kW/8.7 hp, consumption is said to be less than two liters per 100 kilometres. The special equipment features are the LED lights and the rear wheel drum brake. The price should be well under 4,000 euros.

Technically closely related to the Address is the new Suzuki Avenis 125, characterized by a sportier design with many lines of character. As with the Address, an air-cooled single cylinder delivers 6.4 kW/8.7 hp.

Like Address and Avenis, the single-cylinder Burgman Street 125EX delivers 6.4 kW/8.7 hp, enough for a top speed of 90 km/h. A special feature of the injector is the EASS start-stop system, which helps to save fuel when stopping at traffic lights. Consumption is less than two litres, the price will be around 3,000 euros.

Electric scooter brand Trinity has revamped the Jupiter S, which was launched in 2015. New, more compact headlights with LED daytime running lights. The electric drive with 7 kW/10 hp continuous and 16 kW/22 hp peak power enables a top speed of up to 120 km/h. Thanks to a new battery management system, the range of the permanently integrated energy storage unit has been increased to 200 kilometres. Price: from 7,000 euros.

Piaggio has launched the special “Pic Nic” model for its classic Vespa Primavera. It offers chromed front and rear folding luggage racks suitable for mounting the picnic blanket and rattan picnic basket included in the equipment pack. The special model, available as a 50 or 125 in green or gray, costs 4,700 or 5,700 euros.

A new seat and front wheel suspension ensure more comfort in the GTS series. The latter also has a positive effect on handling. A keyless system is new, as is a TFT color display with connectivity for Supertech and Supersport. The 10 kW/14 hp GTS 125, which costs 6,000 euros, marks the entry point.

Voge’s SR4 Max 350, which will be available from early 2023 and is powered by a 21 kW/29 hp engine, will cost around 6,400 euros. Highlights are cornering lights, large cockpit display with connectivity, keyless entry system and a front camera.

Yamaha’s XMax 125 gets an upgrade with all-around LED light, traction control, keyless entry system, and a new color display that includes Garmin navigation.

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