Friday, December 2, 2022

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The FBI investigates a cyber attack on Continental

According to the latest information, the cyber attack on Continental went unnoticed for weeks. The FBI is now involved in the investigation.

The automobile supplier and tire manufacturer

According to insiders, Continental only noticed the hacker attack on its IT systems in the summer, after about four weeks. As financial news agency dpa-AFX learned from business circles on Wednesday, cyberattackers are said to have gained access to data in the Hanover-based company’s network as early as July 4.

This was later found during data analysis. In late August, Conti announced that he had discovered and prevented an attack on the systems on August 4th. In early November, the company admitted that data was leaked during the trial. The “Handelsblatt” first reported on the start of the hack in July. A company spokesman declined to comment on the information.

According to an insider, after the cyber attack on the automotive supplier Continental, the FBI of the US Federal Police is also dealing with the data theft. German security authorities have turned against the FBI, a person familiar with the trial said Wednesday. The FBI could not be reached immediately for comment.

The supervisory board of the Dax Group was reportedly briefed on the state of the investigation on Tuesday. Analysis of the incident with the help of external specialists is ongoing, the spokesman said Wednesday. This also includes if sensitive customer and customer contract information is part of the stolen data, with which the hackers ostensibly want to obtain a ransom payment under threat of publication.

During the cyber attack, hackers from the “Lockbit 3.0” ransomware group managed to steal a total of 40 terabytes of data. We talked about it. Conti’s computer system processes approximately 220 terabytes of data each day. According to media reports, the hackers are offering the dark web data for $50 million. These are said to be the interiors of the supplier and his customers, the car manufacturers Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz or BMW.

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