Monday, December 5, 2022

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The Bundeskartellamt concludes the dispute with the Facebook group Meta

The Bundeskartellamt has resolved the dispute with the metagroup over VR glasses. This is good news for VR fans as well as professional users.

The Meta Facebook group may in the future in

Germany will offer its virtual reality glasses without legal restrictions. This is what emerges from a press release from the Federal Cartel Office published on Wednesday.

In the VR glasses dispute, the competition authority opened abuse proceedings against the meta group, then called Facebook, nearly two years ago.

Cartel guardians were annoyed that using the VR glasses was only possible with a link to a Facebook account. Since then, the VR glasses of the Oculus Quest 2 group are no longer available in Germany.

With the group’s name change from Facebook to Meta in October 2021, the Oculus branding for eyewear was also dropped. From August 2022 Quest glasses can also be connected to new meta accounts and no longer just to Facebook profiles.

Andreas Mundt, president of the Federal Cartel Office, said on Wednesday that Meta had reacted to the competition concerns of the Federal Cartel Office and was now also offering the possibility of putting the glasses into operation under a separate account. “This means that the glasses can be sold in Germany. This also applies to the new Quest Pro.”

Just last month, the group unveiled its brand new “Meta Quest Pro” VR glasses. It is a so-called virtual and mixed reality headset, which, according to Mark Zuckerberg, should allow the fusion of the physical and digital worlds. The glasses, which cost US$1,499, are aimed primarily at professional users and offer them new application possibilities at work.

External cameras that record the user’s surroundings allow you to insert virtual objects into the real world. The integrated tracking sensors also ensure that the user’s eye movements and facial expressions can be transferred to the virtual world.

A market launch for Germany was not planned at the time. Now that the dispute with the Federal Cartel Office has been resolved, nothing seems to stand in the way of publication in Germany.

For company founder Mark Zuckerberg, VR glasses are an important building block for the Metaverse. On the one hand, this means a digital and interactive environment that can be accessed with VR glasses. In it, users can work, play, meet or shop as an avatar. However, the metaverse also includes applications where digital information is displayed in the user’s real field of vision.

A spokesperson for Meta said they are happy that the Meta Quest 2 VR glasses will arrive in Germany later this year. “We also plan to bring Meta Quest Pro to the German market as soon as possible.”

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