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Reduce PDF Size – Here’s how it’s done

Do you have a PDF file that is too large and want to shrink it? With this guide you can do it in no time!

Perhaps you have created a document with many pages and many images and exported it to a PDF file. Now you want to email this PDF document to a colleague, but then you realize it has outgrown for that. But don’t worry, with this guide we will show you how to easily shrink any PDF.

The first variant is based on an online compression program. A Google search will find many of these programs. In this guide we limit ourselves to a tool from the well-known software developer Adobe, who is also considered the inventor of the PDF format.

You can easily shrink your PDF file by following these seven steps:

Privacy Policy: When using these online services, please note that the uploaded file will end up in the provider’s cloud. So think carefully if you really want to and if you are authorized to cede control of the visible content in the uploaded document to the service operator. In particular, if there is visible personal data of another person or of a company, this may mean a violation of applicable data protection laws, unless you have obtained the consent of the data subject or of the company. Look solution 2if you are unsure of data protection.

The second variant can be run locally on your Windows computer using a free tool. It is therefore independent of any online service, so there is no need to upload your PDF file.

You can shrink your PDF file on your PC quickly and easily with the following five steps:

A notification: If the file is still too large after this process, you can repeat the procedure again and further reduce the resolution. Note, however, that lower resolution also leads to increasingly poor display quality.

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