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Practical: iPhone 14 Pro cases tested

While I’m not convinced that every iPhone needs a case, most people will want one for their new iPhone 14 Pro. The good news is that there are plenty of choices. I’ve tried over 50 iPhone 14 Pro cases to determine which ones are worth considering and have highlighted those below. All of those mentioned have been used and tested in the flesh.

I wasn’t brave enough to perform drop tests or investigate other risky situations with a new phone inside. You’ll have to trust the manufacturers for this aspect I guess. More so, I was looking at the fit and finish as well as all the interesting aspects of these cases. I’ve tried a few bad cases over the years, and getting a secure fit with materials that are nice to hold isn’t as easy as it looks. It is also the key to a positive case experience. As always, prices shown may fluctuate over time.

Mujjo isn’t new to the iPhone case game, but not too long ago the company declared a renewed dedication to it. This year, the full leather case is MagSafe compatible. Both of Mujjo’s case designs feature metal side buttons and a microfiber interior, which adds a touch of elegance.

The leather wallet case is fine if you want to carry cards, but it’s not my style. The standard full leather case, however, really is a great iPhone 14 Pro case – I love the fit and finish. The buttons were easy to press with precision. And the case had a premium feel while holding it.

Buy from Mujjo from $54.

Smartish offers many options that might suit your particular needs, including those with wallets. My two favorite holsters were the Gripmunk and the Gripzilla. Each of them has textured edges that make them less likely to slip out of your hand. I noticed the interior fabric was coming off a bit on the Gripmunk, but the exterior and case itself felt good to use. All of them also support MagSafe.

Buy from Smartish from $19.99.

Nomad has several cases, including its Sport Case, Modern Leather Case, and Rugged Case. If you really want to carry cards, there is also a folio variant of the leather one. Nomad is quickly becoming the go-to place for quality non-Apple iPhone cases.

The Sport Case is hard, smooth plastic on the back and softer rubber on the sides. Although this is a fairly standard phone case, it has a touch of personality. Everyone who saw him was immediately drawn to him. Additionally, this year’s Sport case is improved over last year’s, with no more sharp edges. The rugged case is a new addition and is rated for 15 foot drops. It was tough without being bulky.

Buy from Nomad starting at $39.95.

I’m always intrigued by clear, transparent cases, but I’m usually never satisfied with certain aspects of them. Incipio’s AeroGrip case for MagSafe might be the exception. It has a rubbery feel of recycled material along the perimeter and textured lines on the left and right sides. This makes it an easy to hold case.

I was also intrigued by the use of few X’s along the sides to reduce the likelihood of the phone slipping out of your hand. It’s unfortunate that the Grip doesn’t have a magnet for the MagSafe mount.

Buy from Incipio from $54.99.

Case-Mate is the place to go if you want to give your phone a bold personality. Take the Blox case, for example. Even in the solid matte black color, its unrounded corners make the case immediately distinct. I’m still not sure if I liked the style of the Blox case for me, but I liked the feel of its materials.

Instead of putting a lip around the camera bump like most cases do, including the Blox, the Pelican Ranger Black case puts little bumps on each corner of the back. This allows it to lay flat on a table and likely helps with its 15ft drop protection. It’s a good idea.

Buy from Case-Mate starting at $40.

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