Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Police warn against eBay listing fraud

Fraudsters want to obtain users’ credit card information via eBay ads. Police warn of this new scam.

The “Secure Checkout” feature on eBay’s online classifieds portal is being exploited by scammers

warns the Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office on its website. The criminals tried to get the user’s credit card information through the switch.

This is how the scammers proceed according to LKA Lower Saxony:

The sellers received a message from a potential customer stating that the item had been paid for with a debit card. And again: “You will shortly receive a notification from Ebay about your order”.

The alleged buyer is said to have previously asked for the seller’s mobile phone number. That’s why the seller receives a text message after the first message or “almost simultaneously” that the payment should be accepted.

“This SMS is intended to give the impression that it comes from eBay listings thanks to the auto-sounding text,” writes LKA. The short message contains a link to a phishing site asking for the recipient’s credit card information.

Next, it is said that a payment will likely be triggered to mislead the buyer. In individual cases, the perpetrators then even managed to “pretend payment problems in order to have another payment confirmed”.

If a recipient falls for the scam, they must inform their bank immediately. “Have the payments stopped”, advises the LKA. As a precaution, the affected credit card should also be blocked.

The user must also change the access data for the Ebay ad account. Furthermore, the LKA Lower Saxony asks affected persons to report this to a police station or online.

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