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Polestar 3: New E-SUV with a heart for dogs

Polestar, Volvo’s twin electric brand, presented its third model, this time completely independent. The E-SUV offers functionality for everyday use.

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Volvo and its Chinese owner Geely from the third model of their subsidiary Polestar a well-kept secret. In Copenhagen the covers have fallen and it’s already clear on paper: the Polestar 3 has high standards and wants to compete with brands like Tesla, Mercedes or BMW.

The brand’s first SUV extends up to 4.90 meters and delivers power with torque of up to 910 Newton meters and 380 kW / 517 hp. The large 111 kWh battery offers a range of up to 610 kilometers without worry.

In the luxury segment, however, it’s not just about power and autonomy, but also about values ​​such as look: Austrian head designer Maximilian Missoni was required. His team designed a front that forgoes ostentation and shine and comes with a smooth smoothness.

The front hood drops slightly to a narrow crossbar from which some of the numerous sensors take a look at what is happening in front of the car. To the side of it are the LED headlights, which as daytime running lights trace the “hammer” of the Nordic god Thor, which was once introduced by Volvo, but much more filigree than the parent company.

Seen from the side, it dominates the seemingly floating roof, sloping backwards. Towards the rear, it rests on the raised side of the body, which connects to the rear window. Relatively stable, however, is the steep rear, whose bright spot is the continuous rear light bar.

Since the axles are spaced almost three meters apart, the space available for the three rear passengers is princely. No contact of the knees with the backrest of the front seats, the space for shoes does not involve the risk of scratching the skin.

The interior atmosphere follows a conscious objectivity with a high level of everyday use. A narrow display behind the steering wheel provides the essentials, the central 14.5-inch monitor provides information and functions developed together with Google. Operation is similar to that of an XXL tablet, so it should quickly become familiar to experienced users. It also handles updates via the internet, so the car doesn’t have to go to the nearest service center computer for this.

The two motors are each responsible for an axis and sophisticated electronics distribute the driving force according to the vehemence of the driver’s right foot. If it fails moderately, the rear-wheel drive can be switched off for a short time, reducing energy consumption. The air suspension with adjustable shock absorbers ensures a comfortable ride.

The list of electronic assistants that will also contribute to autonomous driving in the future reads like a glossy catalog of the most popular and also the latest assistance and safety systems. A total of five radar eyes, the same number of cameras and twelve ultrasonic sensors provide the information.

There is a new system that sounds an alarm if children or animals are left in the car – the reason for about 900 deaths a year in the United States. Until help arrives, the air conditioning adjusts automatically to prevent heat exhaustion or hypothermia.

Another example of anticipatory technology is the two cameras that constantly scan the driver’s eyes. If the high-performance electronics classify the person as distracted, tired or mentally absent, the system signals alarms, various tones and, in an emergency, activates the emergency brake.

As an icing on the cake, a “Lidar” system will be added in the middle of next year. It combines the capabilities of laser and radar and covers a large area in front of the car in 3D quality and signals so many details to the car that impending collisions and other dangers are recognized sooner than possible. The next precursor to automated driving.

Of course, all of this brings the price of the Polestar 3 to dimensions that are unattainable for most potential buyers. The base price of 90,000 euros includes many subtleties such as most assistance systems, a panoramic glass roof, adjustable air suspension, air conditioning with triple air purification or a 360-degree camera. The performance package with more power costs 6,600 euros more.

The Eurasian, which will also be built in the United States, can now be ordered online. However, the first Polestar 3 will only be launched to customers in the last quarter of next year.

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