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Obtaining a driving license: since this is possible

Would you like to get your driving license in advance? Here you can find out when this is possible at the earliest and what you need to consider.

If you have one

If you want to acquire a driving license, there is a minimum age which varies according to the driving license class. The class depends on the type of vehicle. A category B driving license is required to drive a car. You must be at least 18 years old for this. Here, as with some other driving license classes, there is the possibility of obtaining the driving license earlier. The minimum age is higher for more difficult motor vehicles to drive.

The rules for the EU driving license, the different vehicle classes and the minimum age are set out in the driving license regulation. Some vehicle classes are divided into tiers, each with a different minimum age.

Note: Driving license class B includes driving license classes AM and L. According to Article 6 of the Driving License Ordinance, driving license classes L and T can only be used for agricultural or forestry purposes.

You can attend a driving school before your 18 years of age to obtain a driving license for a car. With the theoretical lessons You can as soon as possible aged 16.5 years Start. the theoretical exam May three months before the 17th birthdaygdie practical exam one month before the 17th birthday be discarded.

Instead of the usual plastic card as a driving license, you will receive a test certificate for the accompanied guide. If you are about to turn 18 when you sign up for driving school, it is not absolutely necessary to sign up for accompanied driving.

Driving with an accompanying car is possible from the age of 17 if you have previously obtained the test certificate. When applying for a driving license, you must specify one or more accompanying persons who meet the following requirements:

If you are over 18, you can apply for a classic driving license. Your test certificate will then be exchanged.

Caution: Permission of accompanied guide is over 17 years old Valid throughout Germany and Austria, in other countries on the other hand Do not. There your driving license will only be recognized from the age of 18 through upgrading to a B driving license. Violation of this is considered to be driving without a license.

You can drive light vehicles from the age of 15 if you have an AM driving license. These light vehicles are the Opel Rocks-e and the Renault Twizy 45 with electric motor, as well as the Aixam City, available with both diesel and electric engines. The maximum speed of these vehicles is 45 km / h.

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