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Mobilize Duo: Renault relaunches city runabouts

Subsidiary Renault Mobilize will bring the new edition of Twizy next year. The two-seater electric will be available in two versions.


When Renault introduced the Twizy in 2011, it had the aura of a unicorn: electric, with two seats arranged one behind the other, fast at 45 km / h – and therefore rather rare on our roads. Only daring electrical pioneers and delivery services took the bait and forgave the Twizy for not having side windows initially and for the fact that the interior was essentially unheated. But there was always an airbag, which is quite rare in this vehicle class.

In the next year, the subsidiary Renault Mobilize will bring a new edition of the Twizy, which in the future will be sold under the name Duo. Again, the seats are arranged one behind the other, but the duo offers more comfort: the side windows in the upward-swinging doors are standard, the seats should be significantly better padded, the front seat adjustable.

Mobilize attaches great importance to the duo being as sustainable as possible: in addition to electric drive, the city car, which is only 2.45 meters long, has identical front and rear bumpers to simplify replacement. Their plastic isn’t painted, 50 percent of the materials used should be recycled, and 95 percent of the car is ultimately recyclable if the manufacturer gets it right. This saves material and money.

And this is especially important in commercial car rentals. With the duo, Mobilize is aimed not only at private customers, but also at fleet operators. These can be delivery services, but also car sharing providers. The duo is therefore fully networked, can be started via smartphone and receives wireless updates to facilitate sharing. Private customers can also share the Duo with friends this way without handing over the key.

Mobilize will offer its model in two body styles and with two levels of performance: as a two-seater or as a version with a 700-liter load compartment called Bento and with a maximum speed of 45 km / h (with moped license) or 80 km / h (with mobile class B driving license). The range should be around 140 kilometers. It is recharged via a type 2 plug or a domestic socket.

All models are offered for rent starting from a duration of three months. The Renault branch has not yet announced any details.

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