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Man Gets Stuck With 7ft Black Mamba In His Car: ‘Horrible Feeling’

Professional snake catcher Jason Arnold has taken to social media to reveal how he got stuck on a toll bridge with no money and a deadly passenger on board.

The Durban-based snake hunter was on his way to a client after recovering a 7ft long black mamba from a home in Tongaat, South Africa. Suddenly a wave of panic hit him when he realized he was heading towards a toll booth and he only had cards on him.

“Having the black mamba in the car wasn’t the problem at all,” Arnold told Pleasemynews. “I travel with poisonous snakes in my car every day because that’s what I do for a living. The problem was that the road I was on was one way leading to the toll and I realized that I couldn’t just turn around and go the other way. I felt really stressed and hopeless and anxious. It was a horrible feeling.”

The black mamba is one of the deadliest snakes in the world. Their bite releases a fast-acting neurotoxin that can kill a human in as little as 20 minutes.

When Arnold arrived at the toll booth, he presented his debit card to the guard on duty. “He says ‘oh no, sorry, we don’t accept debit cards.'”

The driver behind him offered to cover his toll, but the guard wouldn’t allow it. Arnold then reversed his car and drove against the current for about 200 meters to find a place where he could search the vehicle – containing the deadly reptile – for parts.

“Of course I couldn’t find any cash,” he said. “So I’m sitting here thinking ‘what am I going to do?'”

Eventually, Arnold returned to the toll booth, where he pulled out his cell phone and filmed the guard. “I thought it would force him to be a bit more professional about it and I thought maybe he’d let me through. And it worked.”

Arnold explained to the guards why he needed to break through the barrier so urgently. “I told the guys I was running an emergency service and I had a client waiting for me who had a snake in his house. I came this way because it was the shortest route and I didn’t know I had to have money.”

After talking to his manager, the guard finally let Arnold pass.

Fortunately, when he finally arrived with his client, it was not too late to catch the snake. “The snake didn’t disappear for the 10 minutes of my wasted time,” he said. “Fortunately, everything went well.”

Arnold has worked in the snake industry for 30 years and said that although deadly, the black mamba has an unfair reputation. “They have a really bad reputation for chasing you and attacking you and that’s the biggest pile of garbage,” he said.

“The only time snakes bite people is when they really have no other choice and are just trying to defend themselves. It’s usually when you’re trying to kill them or trying to catch them. Either way, you’re interfering with a wild animal that doesn’t know what your intentions are, and it’s going to get scared.”

If you ever see a poisonous snake, Arnold has simple advice: “The most important thing is that people don’t interfere with snakes and call a professional to come and deal with any difficult situations.

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