Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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Elon Musk releases suspended Twitter accounts

Twitter boss Elon Musk wants to unblock almost all previously blocked Twitter accounts next week. But he also announced exceptions.

The new head of Twitter

Elon Musk has announced the total release of suspended Twitter accounts. “The people have spoken. The amnesty starts next week,” Musk said on Thursday. In a survey in the online service, a clear majority of users had previously spoken out in favor of activation. According to Musk, the accounts of users who have violated the law or are responsible for “outrageous spam” are excluded.

Of the 3.16 million survey participants, 72.4% said Twitter should allow banned accounts, Musk wrote. Musk had asked Twitter users if they were “for or against a general amnesty” for suspended accounts. Twitter polls are open to all users and can be used by fake accounts and bots.

Just last week, a similar poll led to the unblocking of former President Donald Trump’s profile. Musk asked users if they supported a return to the Republican, banned after the Capitol storm on January 6, 2021. Of the more than 15 million participants, 51.8% voted for it. The story of the former president, who a few days earlier had entered the race for the 2024 presidential elections, was then released again on Saturday.

A blanket amnesty for suspended accounts could alert authorities, who have closely monitored Musk’s handling of hate mail since he bought the influential online network for $44 billion. An EU report released on Thursday criticized the short message service for taking time to remove hateful comments and posts. The AP news agency reported that there has been a significant increase in hate speech on Twitter since the mass layoffs. This could also be because Musk fired several of the moderators who had previously monitored the content.

Other controversial Twitter profiles had previously been unblocked, including accounts of psychologist Jordan Peterson and conservative parody site Babylon Bee, which had made fun of transgender people. Musk said Sunday that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones shouldn’t be returning to Twitter.

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