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Does it work this time? NASA’s lunar rocket has a new launch date

The US space agency Nasa is now aiming for November 14 for the start of the “Artemis 1” lunar mission. However, the time window on this day is short.

After numerous setbacks, NASA now wants to send its “Space Launch System” (SLS) lunar rocket into space on November 14th. This was announced by the American space agency. On this day there is a 69-minute time window for the start of the unmanned moon mission “Artemis 1” to the spaceport

Cape Canaveral in the US state of Florida. Alternative dates are November 16 and November 19.

In August and September, NASA had to cancel the planned launch of the SLS rocket twice at short notice due to technical problems. A launch scheduled for late September was later canceled due to Hurricane Ian. NASA had to push the 98-meter-high rocket from the launch pad into the hangar.

NASA said the research and analysis confirmed that only “minimal work” was needed to prepare the rocket and the Orion spacecraft for launch. The rocket could be returned to the launch pad as early as November 4.

50 years after the last moon landing, NASA wants to prepare again for human travels to the moon with the “Artemis 1” mission. During the unmanned mission, the new SLS giant rocket and the Orion crew spaceship sitting at its helm will be tested in real-world conditions.

NASA wants to fly Orion to nearly 100 kilometers from the lunar surface and splash into the Pacific on its return. If the project is successful, the astronauts are expected to fly around the moon again for the first time in 2024 on the “Artemis 2” follow-up mission. At the earliest, people are expected to land back on the moon with “Artemis 3” at the earliest in 2025.

In August, NASA announced which locations were selected for spacewalks.

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