Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Current List September 2022 – You can block these spam numbers

There were also countless unsolicited phone calls in September. Our current list contains the most common spam numbers that you should block immediately.

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Always rest assured in Germany: There are tens of thousands of unwanted spam calls in German households every month.

In September, scammers again attempted to lure the ignorant into a subscription trap with fake lotteries or get them to take out a supposedly better electricity rate or cheaper insurance.

In our current list, we have summarized for you the ten most common spam numbers from the last month (September). You can safely ignore calls from said numbers, hang up directly or block the corresponding number immediately.

The September leader was a Berlin number (03016637169), who harassed affected families, sometimes every hour, with a prize scam. “You should only answer two questions about post-Corona travel behavior and then automatically take part in a cruise competition,” says one of the people affected by the spam call.

Once again at the forefront were tempting travel offers through coupons or higher-figure lottery winnings, with which the criminals wanted to obtain personal data from the person they called. Attempts were also made to obtain victims’ money with supposedly completed lottery subscriptions. The caller in second place on the list (015215173526) asked the user called to pay 1,200 euros per month because the daughter would have subscribed to the lottery.

The placement of services was however well represented in September. Callers with numbers 06966102716 (6th place) and 045033568906 (10th place) wanted to take advantage of the current energy crisis and allegedly provide tips for saving electricity, including a new suitable tariff. However, if interested people asked questions, the caller would hang up immediately.

And it does not stop at the dubious offers of new electricity tariffs: the caller was also repeatedly suggested to take out a new insurance policy – if he reacted negatively the caller would become noisy, brash and impertinent (04029996106).

To reliably protect yourself from fraud attempts or potential cost traps, the golden rules are:

We explain step by step how it works in our instructions. In many cases, it is useful to simply cancel a call and hang up directly if the other party tempts you with questionable questions or seems doubtful.

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