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Claus Kleber’s sad prognosis for the future of the news

Claus Kleber was the face of the ZDF “heute-journal” for 19 years. In the new t-online podcast with Richard Gutjahr look to dangerous visions of the future.

“It wouldn’t be the first time in history that we take a huge step back, culturally and humanly,” explains Claus Kleber in the new podcast “Die Zeitraffer” on t-online. “Perhaps the 21st century is a dark Middle Ages, in which much of what we fought and won for will be lost again.”

You can hear what Kleber means by this and what drastic statement he makes about the future of the “Tagesschau” in the “Die Zeitraffer” podcast. Either right here in the article – or on

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In “Die Zeitraffer – the future t-online podcast” Kleber talks about his experiences in Silicon Valley. He reveals how television interviews with the great tech geniuses are born and why they almost fail. Or from the numerous attempts to get to Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk. Claus Kleber is concerned about the plans of the big tech developers.

In the nearly 40 minutes of our time-lapse podcast, Kleber describes his favorite tech gadget, the Metaverse, and the future of media. Presenter Richard Gutjahr wants to know how many years Kleber has left for linear television and why he sees a good chance that journalism will experience a renaissance. The longtime presenter responds with a grim prognosis, but still has hope.

“Die Zeitraffer – t-online’s future podcast” starts Wednesday 12 October. In the first few episodes, host Richard Gutjahr meets Claus Kleber, Renate Künast and former Facebook employee Niklas Steenfatt. There are always new episodes on Wednesdays Spotify, Apple, YouTube, or Amazon Music podcasts.

In his award-winning documentaries, which he shot with Angela Anderson, the television journalist addressed issues such as environmental protection and human rights. But when it comes to Silicon Valley, you can hear how Kleber seethes: “Time to get involved,” he asks at the very beginning of “Utopia – crazy visions in Silicon Valley”, his most recent documentary on ZDF (can be seen here in the media library).

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