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World Cup: Man City, Man United Chelsea and top clubs benefit from FIFA payments

Europe’s top clubs will make millions from the World Cup, with FIFA paying them a record $10,000 per player per day while their stars are in Qatar.

Manchester City, Real Madrid, Tottenham and Barcelona were among the top earners at Russia 2018 when FIFA awarded US$209m (around £157m) through its Club Benefits Scheme.

The more players a club has at the World Cup and the further they advance in the tournament, the more money they can earn through the program.

And the pot on offer has increased from $8,530 (£6,440) per player per day in 2018 to $10,000 (£9,012) this time.

That means Premier League clubs like Chelsea – who have up to 20 players in contention for World Cup selection, including representatives from tournament favorites like France, Brazil and England – will benefit most from the absence of their stars.

Man City, who earned just over $5m or £3.78m at 2018 exchange rates at the last World Cup, could have up to 17 caps away in Qatar this time.

Manchester United could have 18, Tottenham 17 and Arsenal 14 when final squads are chosen.

Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​who had 15 and 14 representatives respectively in 2018, are also likely to take a significant share of the Club Benefit pot.

Any club with players representing tournament favorites Brazil, France, England, Argentina or Spain is likely to benefit more as their players will be out longer as they advance to the final rounds.

The tournament in Qatar runs from November 20th to December 18th – a condensed 29-day time frame, which is shorter than usual to reflect the mid-season schedule for most participants.

The daily aspect applies as long as “the player concerned remains with his national team during the 2022 World Cup and the official preparation period”.

In most cases, that “prep time” will essentially be a week after the domestic leagues shut down in mid-November.

The FIFA program was launched for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to reward clubs who release their players for the tournament.

From a total of US$40 million in 2010, the amount made available to Brazil increased to US$70 million in 2014 and then almost tripled to US$209 million in 2018.

Funds are split between national football associations and then distributed to clubs.

FIFA’s calculations are based on the number of players selected by the 32 participating nations and the total number of days the players will be on international duty at the World Cup.

In 2018 there were 736 players and around 24,500 days, including two weeks of preparation for the opening game.

It figured out roughly $8,530 per player per day before taxes, but that figure has now been increased.

Calculation for a player ends the day after his country’s elimination from the World Cup.

Man City had 16 players at the 2018 World Cup and received just over $5 million. Benjamin Mendy won the tournament with France, while six City players played for semi-finalists England and Belgium.

Real Madrid received just over $4.8m (£3.63m at the time) for their 15 players, while Spurs received $4.39m (£3.31m) for the dozen players who went to Russia.

Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea, Manchester United, Atletico Madrid and Juventus all received over $3 million as part of their share four years ago.

Saudi club Al-Hilal received just over $2m (£1.5m) for having nine players in the Saudi squad who were eliminated after the group stage.

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