Monday, October 3, 2022

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Wayne Carey loses another job after being dropped by Triple M after casino white powder scandal

Wayne Carey had a speaking engagement at an event in Melbourne that was canceled at the last minute after members of the audience expressed their concerns about the big AFL to organizers.

It’s the latest blow for the footy legend after he lost his job at Triple M Radio earlier this week after being banned from Perth’s Crown Casino when a bag of white powder fell out of his pocket while playing.

Carey was due to speak at the big final luncheon for St Kevin’s Old Boys Football Club at the Glenferrie Hotel on Friday but found he was unwanted soon after arriving.

The luncheon promotional material did not advertise Carey by name and his presence was not known to the approximately 200 guests, according to the Herald Sun.

According to club president Patrick Mount, St. Kevin’s made the move after viewers told organizers they had problems with Carey making a speech.

“There was concern in the room that Wayne might be what we were hearing and it was decided to exclude him from speaking at the event,” Mount said.

‘Wayne then left. He was extremely professional and courteous throughout.”


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