Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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USA fans enrage rivals with chants calling football “football”.

As the US men’s national team competes in their first World Cup since Brazil in 2014, a chant from US fans causes a stir.

On Monday night, as the Stars and Stripes took on Wales, fans chanted: “It’s called football! It’s called football!” a riff on the US’s insistence on using its own name for the game that virtually everyone else calls football.

A clip by former NFL player Chad Ochocinco Johnson, who is leading the chants posted on Fox Soccer’s TikTok account, has nearly 700,000 views, although some soccer fans have not felt it.

“The US should be banned from participating in the World Cup,” said a commenter below the video.

“Ask them about the importance of FIFA,” said another, referring to the intentional Federation Internationale de Football Association.

Though their chants may not do them any favors, US fans have had something to cheer about at the World Cup so far.

In the opening Group B game against Wales at Al Rayyan’s Ahmed Ali Stadium, the young USA side took an early lead with a goal from Timothy Weah, although veteran striker Gareth Bale later equalized with a penalty for the Dragons.

US fans aren’t the only ones fueling the big “soccer” vs. “soccer” debate.

A FritoLay ad campaign featuring football greats like Mia Hamm, David Beckham and Brandi Chastain, as well as other athletes like former NFL player Peyton Manning, shows the athletes debating the true name of the beautiful game.

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