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Twitter users blast “VILE” fans at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium who broke the minute’s silence

Fans at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium were heard screaming during the minute’s silence ahead of Tottenham’s Premier League clash with Leicester on Saturday afternoon.

The minute’s silence – followed by the performance of the national anthem – was interrupted by audible shouts from fans, although it is unclear whether they were home or away fans.

This weekend’s round of play, the first since her death on Thursday 8 September, paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

And the actions of a few of those present have sparked outrage on Twitter, with those who broke the show of respect coming under fire on the social media platform.

One Twitter user was visibly shocked by what was heard ahead of Saturday’s kick-off, writing: “Just walked in for a minute’s silence at the start of the Leicester v Tottenham game to some absolutely disgusting language towards the Queen. COOL! Should be ashamed of your fans @SpursOfficial @LCFC.

A second shared the shock, adding: “To the small number of Spurs / Leicester fans who have not been silent for a minute during the silence for the Queen, you are a complete disgrace to the club and country. fuck off

And another seemed to mull over the Spurs support interruptions, saying: “Embarrassed and disgusted buying some of my Spurs fans at the stadium who couldn’t keep quiet for the minute’s silence,” accompanied by an angry emoji.

A fourth also suggested the home fans could be to blame, writing: “A couple of fans let the whole club down in that minute’s silence. Embarrassed to be a Spurs fan after this,” followed by a palm emoticon.

But a fifth Twitter questioned the logic of responding to screams during a minute’s silence, asking: “Spurs – Why do you hear so many yelling ‘shut up’ as loud as possible in a minute’s silence?”

“Surely it’s better to shake your head in disgust or stare at her? I don’t understand how hard it is to show respect for one minute.’

Clubs across the country have banded together to work together in the wake of the Queen’s death, observing a minute’s silence in tribute before kick-off and even playing the national anthem.

Players and officials have been officially recommended in a Premier League statement to wear black armbands when the league returns, 12 days after the final game has been completed.

Viewers, however, were almost unanimous in their condemnation of the actions of those who chose to violate the mark of respect, regardless of which side fans support, and even noted how quickly broadcasters reported the lack of respect .

A viewer said: “Fans talk disrespectfully over the silence.”

A second added: “The minute’s silence at Spurs was so bad it had to be muted on 5live.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Audible shouting(?) during the minute’s silence before Spurs v Leicester so the producer has turned the white noise up to deafening levels at least for the American coverage.”

Desperate to find out which fans spoiled the tributes, one user wrote: “So whose fans disrupted the minute’s silence at Spurs.

‘Spurs or Leicester. idiots.”

However, a fifth fan was quick to point out that the actions of some chosen ones do not reflect the opinion of the clubs concerned, saying: “So a couple at Forest and now a couple at Spurs disrupting the minute’s silence.

“A few out of many thousands DO NOT define the overall support of both clubs.”

Desperate to find out which fans spoiled the tributes, one user wrote: “So whose fans disrupted the minute’s silence at Spurs. Spurs or Leicester. idiots.”

Although football has been quick to show its collective respect, there have been several instances of matches where a minority of fans have been unable to show their respect, audibly disrupting the honours.

And parts of the support at Dundee United’s SPL fight against Rangers could be heard singing obnoxious chants such as “Lizzie’s in a box” and jeers during the silence heard from the far end in Rangers’ Ibrox.

Rangers fans, who had turned Ibrox into a Union Jack flag out of affection for the Queen ahead of their Champions League game against Napoli on Wednesday, responded with loud boos before bursting out into a rendition of the national anthem.

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