Monday, October 3, 2022

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Tracey Crouch MP claims Prime Minister Liz Truss has made promises for a football regulator

Former Sport Secretary and Conservative MP Tracey Crouch says Liz Truss promised Tory voters this summer a football regulator to secure votes to become Prime Minister and says it will be a matter of integrity if she word breaks.

Crouch, MP for Chatham and Aylesford, who authored the government’s independent review of football that recommended the regulator, responded to reports that PM Truss will drop the promised legislation in a dramatic government about-face.

Crouch said: “There is a general anti-regulatory sentiment in the new government, but there it is [the regulator] It’s in the manifesto and Liz made promises during the hustings, so breaking them is a big test of her own integrity.

It will be extremely embarrassing for Truss if it is revealed she had promised to proceed with the regulator while being questioned by Conservative voters this summer and then drops the legislation, as it will revive similar integrity issues affecting the former Prime Minister Boris Johnson employed.

However, it appears the government has given in to pressure from the Premier League and breakaway Super League Big Six clubs, who are opposed to regulation.

It fits a pattern for Truss to kowtow to big business over the concerns of common folk, many of whom voted Tory for the first time in 2019.

It has also emerged that Stuart Andrew, MP for Pudsey, will be appointed Sport Secretary on Friday.

Although he has no apparent background in sports, he is seen as a skillful date.

However, it reflects the government’s low priority for sport that it has taken more than two weeks to appoint him

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