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Tom Brady throws a tablet in frustration during Tampa Bay’s win over New Orleans

NFL superstar Tom Brady was seen throwing a team tablet to the ground during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ win over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

The Buccaneers eventually triumphed with a 20-10 win over the Saints in the Superdome, but it was an uphill battle until the fourth quarter when Tampa Bay trailed 3-0 for a time, and the tension was clearly coming to Brady.

The quarterback hasn’t been able to figure out his NFC South rival since joining the Bucs in 2020, and as his Week 2 struggles resumed Sunday, he didn’t hide his frustration.

After one of many failed Buccaneers drives, Brady has peppered his tablet device on the sidelines.

This wasn’t the first time Brady had hurled pills, as he smashed one off the bench in a 9-0 loss to the Saints in December.

He later received a warning from the league for venting his frustration on the electronic device after the incident.

“I can’t throw another Surface or I’ll get a fine. Imagine. Imagine that,” Brady previously said in his “Let’s Go!” podcast.

“I’m not going to throw another Surface. Although I think at the end of the day it was pretty good marketing for the Surface. I think it worked out pretty well for her.

It remains to be seen if Brady will face another warning for his tablet-throwing antics in the coming week, but the league hasn’t held back from making his peers pay after Week 1.

Five NFL players were fined a total of more than $54,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct in the first week of the season, including star wide receivers Stefon Diggs and Ja’Marr Chase.

While it’s not clear what the NFL’s verdict will be, fans have already taken to social media to offer their opinions on his actions.

Many claimed the league “let the star get away with it,” comparing his behavior to that of an “anxious 16-year-old.”

One wrote: “Tom Brady’s competitive fire** is once again presented in all its glory! Therefore he is the GOAT and has seven rings!

‘**Yelling obscenities at teammates and coaches, throwing his helmet and tablet into the ground like a scared 16-year-old pouncing on monsters named Kyle.’

Another compared Brady to former President Donald Trump as they claimed the media heightened his behavior.

They wrote: “Idc what no one says @TomBrady is the #DonaldTrump of football and the #NFL is letting him get away with it and the media is ramping up his behavior while vilifying every black athlete for similar behavior! #NFLbully’

Others claimed that Brady’s Green Bay Packers opponent Aaron Rodgers would face backlash if he acted in the same way.

Former Packers wide receiver James Jones tweeted, “If @AaronRodgers12 acted like Tom Brady on the touchline he wouldn’t be called a competitor.”

One fan was also quick to point out the differences, writing, “Aaron Rodgers frowns:

“Media: Aaron Rodgers is dramatic and a terrible leader.

“Tom Brady curses his entire team:

Media: Tom Brady is encouraging and a great leader.’

Some found the funny side of the incident when they joked that Microsoft “might want to sit out” Brady’s next clash with the Saints.

“Microsoft must be fed up with Tom Brady,” said one.

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