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Through philanthropy, family members ensure that teenage football player Carter Stone’s legacy lives on

AGOURA (KABC) — Relatives ensure that the legacy of a teenage soccer player whose life was ended will live on.

It’s a death that leaves family, friends, and teammates in shock: A 15-year-old high school freshman football player loses his life after complications from shoulder surgery. Now his loved ones are making sure his legacy lives on by starting a new scholarship.

The Be Like Carter Stone Memorial Scholarship was awarded at Agoura High School in tribute to Stone, who died in August. Relatives say he went into cardiac arrest and that doctors found a tumor on his heart, likely related to an undiagnosed case of T cells

Leukemia. He was only 15.

“Carter was scheduled to undergo routine surgery and despite interventions, he has not woken up,” said Dr. Stephanie McClay, Principal of Agoura High School. “He was taken to Children’s Hospital in LA. They determined that he had a pre-existing medical condition that they were unaware of, and ultimately that was the contributing factor to his death.”

California Strong and Pro Active Sports Performance Gym created the foundation together. Carter’s mother, Danielle, shared her support for the scholarship while also honoring her son. $500 in scholarships are awarded three times a year to at least one male and one female athlete. You will receive physical and nutritional training as well as support from athletes at Pro Active Sports Performance. Ryan Braun serves as one of the mentors for Be Like Carter grantees.

“Heartbreaking, tragic story,” Braun said. “We’re just trying to do our part to support family first of all and bring the community together to show love.”

A grant that reminds the community to live the life Carter could not fulfill—a life of humility, hard work, and kindness.

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