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The Packers’ end zone celebration appears to feature players mimicking an AYAHUASCA ritual

The Green Bay Packers caused quite a stir on social media when fans pointed out that one of their touchdown celebrations appeared to be a reference to Aaron Rodgers’ public admission of ayahuasca use.

The team’s star quarterback caused a worldwide sensation earlier this summer when he credited his back-to-back MVP awards to the effects of the Amazonian psychedelic drug, which he first ingested on a trip to Peru in 2020.

Earlier this month, he admitted he’d tried his hand at ayahuasca again this year, and after finding Allen Lazard in their week two game against the Chicago Bears, the Packers’ end zone celebration appeared to show players taking an ayahuasca -Imitate ritual.

Lazard took the soccer ball and pretended to pour something out of it and gave it to his teammates with those stars, who then crashed to the ground.

One social media user wrote, “Pretty sure this was an ayahuasca celebration,” while another added, “Packers are hosting an Aaron Rodgers-inspired ayahuasca ceremony TD celebration.”

A Twitter account tagged NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, telling him, “Packers just spoke out about drug use at their TD celebration. I’m not a NARC, but there are teenagers.’

CBS’ Andrew Perloff said: “The best celebration of the season. Thanks Twitter for pointing out it’s ayahuasca.”

Former NFL player and ESPN analyst Pat McAfee tweeted, “Had NO IDEA there was ayahuasca in NFL footballs.”

Rodgers, 38, revealed in August that he drank the hallucinogenic concoction during a trip to Peru in 2020 and emerged with “a deep and meaningful appreciation of life” as well as a closer connection to his teammates who have helped him consecutive MVP conquer honors.

The psychedelic trip didn’t violate NFL rules on prohibited substances, but it did give him a new perspective on himself and his connection to “all sentient beings and all plants and fungi.”

This month, Rodgers admitted for the first time that he’s back on the psychedelic drug ayahuasca this offseason.

“For me, it just came down to me and a best high school friend playing a round of golf and talking about his recent ayahuasca experiences,” Rodgers explained on The Pat McAfee Show. “Jordan, he inspired me to do this because I was looking for a deeper level of self-love.

“I went down to Machu Picchu in Peru and had magical experiences in the Sacred Valley. I had some really interesting nights with the medicine and came back a changed person.

“I wanted to open myself up to doing it again in a different environment, in a different place, with a different group. I did it again this offseason and had an absolutely beautiful experience. This time we sat there more nights, the first time two, the second time three.

“I had a really difficult night one, a beautiful night two and then a mixed night three with a really nice conclusion to the ceremony. It changes the way you look at the world… you might feel more connected.

Incredibly, Rodgers – who has entered his 18th season in the NFL – went on to admit that he only enjoys playing football since he started taking the drug.

When asked if he enjoys the sport now, he replied, “I’ve been enjoying it since I’ve been doing ayahuasca…the last few years have been amazing.

“Mental health, brother, begins with self-love. If you increase that, you can pass that on more easily.

“I can honestly say to my critics and haters, I’m not bitter towards you, I have nothing but love and appreciation for where you are at in your life and all the different emotions that affect our personality and our decision-making and our belief system on a daily basis.

“It allows me to have a better relationship with my coaches, with my teammates, with my close friends and family. And the most important thing is that it is not selfish, but to relate to myself.

“All the projections I place on myself to truly shed and find a deep and transformative self-love for all I am and all I am not.”

Rodgers and his Packers teammates beat the Chicago Bears 27-10 in Sunday Night Football.

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