Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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The manager at the center of an extortion case is now under investigation by the Football Association

The manager at the center of a stunning blackmail case – exposed by – is now under investigation by the Football Association after a failed trial.

For legal reasons, the person cannot be named. However, as this newspaper reported, he told police he was being blackmailed by a professional gambler who allegedly assisted in the attempted withdrawal of thousands of pounds linked to a betting account.

The manager is also said to have been threatened because of his wife and children.

However, last week the case was thrown out at Derby Crown Court after it emerged that the manager was unwilling to testify.

The player and another ex-pro, who was later arrested, were both found not guilty. They had been charged with extortion and perversion of justice. One faced another charge of racketeering. The players had denied all allegations.

The FA has long been aware of the case and has now launched its own investigation which could result in the manager being charged. Those working within the sport are not allowed to place bets.

If found guilty, the manager could face a ban.

The FA declined to comment.

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