Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Taekwondo whistleblower exposes bribery and corruption of the sport as he came to the Olympics

Taekwondo has been rocked by blockbuster claims by a former senior official that he helped pay bribes to secure the sport’s place in the Olympics.

Ho Kim, a South Korean who was marketing and public relations director at World Taekwondo, made multiple allegations of bribery and corruption in a whistleblower interview with The Times. World Taekwondo said last night that it had “absolutely no knowledge” of the allegations.

One of Kim’s allegations revolves around how taekwondo got into the Sydney 2000 Olympics as a full-medal sport, with Kim claiming officials with voting rights were bought with cash in brown envelopes.

Kim, who claimed he arranged for two cars to be sent to an IOC member, said: “Taekwondo was established as an Olympic sport for this reason.”

World Taekwondo said in a statement, “World Taekwondo has absolutely no knowledge of these allegations against the previous government.

“World Taekwondo urges that all evidence behind these allegations be shared with the World Taekwondo Integrity Committee so that a proper investigation can be conducted. In the meantime, World Taekwondo continues to uphold the highest standards of good governance and integrity in the stewardship of our sport.’

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