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Sydney FC keeps Roosters chairman Nick Politis silent after ‘minor’ allegations at Allianz Stadium

Simmering tensions between Sydney FC and the Sydney Roosters could soon boil over after the Sky Blues covered up a trademark of the 2019 NRL premieres at Allianz Stadium.

When Sydney FC welcomed Melbourne Victory in their A-League season opener on October 8, club officials used a tarp to temporarily erase the Tricolors’ game-day presence as spectators entered the $874 million revamped venue.

Despite the NRL being in the off-season, the decision went down like a lead balloon at Roosters headquarters when CEO Joe Kelly called Sydney FC boss Adam Santo to express his displeasure at the “stunt”.

“I told him what they did amounted to vandalism,” Kelly said earlier this week.

“I also told him we were looking into our legal options…then he (Santo) hung up.”

It prompted an irate Roosters supremo Nick Politis to contact Venues NSW, where he made his feelings known.

Politis also called Sydney FC’s matchday behavior “petty” before adding that the NRL club have a “contract where signage is part of that agreement”.

“Sydney FC don’t understand,” Politis told the Daily Telegraph. “They only have a lease.

“We have been at this three-stadium site for 86 years. How long have they been around?

“The tarp was horrid…we paid for our own facilities and we pay rent for the space we use.”

When contacted by Daily Mail Australia for a right to reply, Sydney FC officials opted not to start a “war of words” with Politis and the Roosters.

The Daily Telegraph article on the two rival sports feuds included a picture of the Roosters sign allegedly being badly covered with a “$152 tarp that looked like it was Bunnings” last Saturday.

This picture was taken before Sydney FC ground crew had time to uncover the tarpaulin.

Daily Mail Australia received an accurate picture (pictured above) of how the sign was actually covered ahead of the game.

In addition, media reports that Sydney FC “required” that the Roosters sign not be visible on match day are also inaccurate.

Sydney FC’s next home game at Allianz Stadium is on Sunday 23 October against Adelaide United.

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