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Steve McManaman slams VAR after Rodri’s goal was disallowed for Man City

Steve McManaman slammed at VAR after Rodri’s stunning strike was disallowed in Manchester City’s Champions League clash with Copenhagen on Tuesday.

The Spain midfielder looked as if he had put Pep Guardiola’s side ahead with a long-range shot in the 11th minute.

However, the referee was ordered to check his monitor on the sidelines and decided to cancel the goal after spotting a Riyad Mahrez handball in the build-up. McManaman, who was a commentator for BT Sport, was confused by the decision.

‘The world has gone mad!’ he exclaimed when it became clear that the gate wouldn’t stand because he touched Mahrez’s hand.

“Stamenic wants it, misses it, so you can’t blame Mahrez [the ball] to wipe his hand, certainly not.

“It drives you crazy, doesn’t it? It drives you insane I get it with intentional handball, but give us a break.

Referee Artur Dias observed the incident a number of times before finally making his final decision.

McManaman suggested Dias didn’t want to deny the goal but knew he had to do it by the letter of the law.

“He watched it so many times, it was almost like he wanted the goal to stand because he knew it was ridiculous,” McManaman added.

BT Sport studio guests Peter Crouch and Owen Hargreaves were equally scathing as they reviewed the disallowed goal at half-time.

“Nobody is attractive for that. And Rodri was robbed of a fantastic goal. If that was me, I would be absolutely furious,” Crouch said.

“It’s one of the best goals I’ve seen all season, a deserved goal. Terrible decision by the referee,” Hargreaves added.

Match of the Day host Gary Lineker was also frustrated that Rodri’s goal wasn’t allowed to stand.

“A stunning goal by Rodri is out of the question due to the absurdity of the current handball law,” he wrote on Twitter.

Fans were united with McManaman and co as they slammed the call to rule out Rodri’s strike.

“I hate VARs. Ruined Rodri’s absolute beauty of a punch. So unfair,” one fan posted on social media.

“The most frustrating thing is that there is no consistency between this new handball rule and the VAR.

‘Within three days we now had: Rodri – goal disallowed. Antonio – Goal allowed. Gabriel – no penalty,” another supporter wrote alongside pictures of some controversial decisions from last weekend’s Premier League action.

“Appalling decision by the referee not to allow such a wonderful goal by Rodri. Ridiculous. The game has gone crazy!’ Another fan added.

That wasn’t the end of VAR’s first-half involvement either, as City were awarded a penalty for another handball that Mahrez missed before Sergio Gomez was the last man sent off for a professional foul.

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