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Richarlison sent an angry text after Pedro Bravo used a racial slur while speaking about Vinicius Jnr. spoke

Richarlison sent an explosive text message to Pedro Bravo after he shot forward Vinicius Jnr. racially insulted by Real Madrid because of his celebration dance.

The Spurs striker revealed the message he sent to the Spanish football agent after his side’s 6-2 demolition at Leicester on Saturday, claiming that Bravo was called “S***” for his racial abuse of the former Everton man’s compatriot “ to have designated.

Bravo – the president of Spain’s agents’ association – urged Vinicius Jr to “stop playing the monkey” after Real Madrid’s 4-1 win over Mallorca on controversial TV show El Chiringuito, before later retracting his statement.

Richarlison told ESPN after Saturday’s game: “Boring situation huh? I even texted that guy over there who was talking bullshit to him on the show.

“But that he can have fun like he did and I hope he scores.”

‘I called him as ***… but that he can solve this as soon as possible and not miss it.’

The brazen display of support for his compatriot comes just three months after an alleged bust at an international training session between the pair as Brazil prepared for a friendly against Japan.

Footage showed the strikers clashed in a heated exchange of blows, with senior squad members Neymar and Dani Alves rushing to separate them.

And while it’s unclear if grudges linger beneath the surface, Richarlison’s comments prove some things matter more than any feud between the two.

After scoring the second goal in Real’s 4-1 comeback win against Mallorca last Sunday, Vinicius went to the corner flag to perform his now well-oiled dance routine which inexplicably drew criticism from Bravo.

Outraged that dancing was “criminalized” by a character on TV, Vinicius Jr. released a video saying he has no plans to quit in the face of abuse.

“They say that luck gets in the way,” Vinicius said in a video posted on social media.

“The luck of a victorious black Brazilian in Europe is much more disturbing.

“But my will to win, my smile and the sparkle in my eyes are much greater.

“You can’t even imagine that. I was the victim of a xenophobic and racist comment. But none of that started yesterday.’

Brazilian icons Neymar and Pele were among those to show their support for the star, with Neymar telling his team-mate: “Dribble, dance and be yourself, happy with who you are! Go upstairs my friend, we’ll dance to your next destination.’

Pele also took to Twitter shortly after the incident to support Vinicius. He wrote: “Football is joy. it’s a dance It’s a real party.

“While racism still exists, we won’t let that stop us from continuing to smile. And we will continue to fight racism this way: for our right to be happy.”

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