Friday, December 2, 2022

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Qatar World Cup officials are offering REFUND and new accommodation to fans staying in metal containers

Qatar World Cup officials are offering full refunds and new accommodation to angry football fans who have been staying in metal containers costing £185 a night.

Football fans would arrive at the fan villages in Doha ahead of the big football tournament – only to find migrant workers still working to finish the corrugated boxes.

Trash has also accumulated around the containers, while fans have complained that they are cramped in their tiny spaces and have to wait long times to check in.

Last night, a crowd of guests waiting in line at the Free Zone Fan Village said they couldn’t get their rooms because the front desk wasn’t sure who had already checked in.

But now Qatari officials have offered the angry fans a full refund and alternative accommodation.

Qatar Supreme Committee officials blamed “negligence on the part of owners and operators” for the delays in fan check-in and poor standards.

A spokesman for Qatar’s Supreme Committee told MailOnline: “We are aware that a number of fans have faced check-in delays at select Fan Village accommodation due to negligence on the part of the owner and operator.

“Some of the units in these facilities, which are supplied and managed by various private entities, have not met the required standards advertised to fans.”

The spokesperson added: “Although these websites are managed by independent commercial entities, addressing these issues remains the highest priority for the Supreme Committee.

“Fans severely impacted by this issue will be offered full refunds as well as alternative accommodation that is free for the duration of their stay.”

The Rawdat All Jahhaniya Fan Village was still under construction as of Tuesday, although the tournament had started days earlier.

Uninstalled toilets and garbage were still scattered around the camp, causing anger among many fans.

Some cabins were still in the shell, completely unfurnished, when fans arrived earlier this week.

Unmisplaced toilets were stacked outside while workers hammered and drilled cheap flat-pack beds and wardrobes to set them up.

“When we went to our room, everything was a mess,” said Aman Mohammed, a 23-year-old from Kolkata, India, in the common area on Wednesday.

He said he waited two hours in the scorching sun the day before for a cleaner to arrive. “It smelled like a bad bathroom. It was pathetic.’

Another fan, Milad Mahmooditar, 32, from Tehran, arrived at the Rawdat All Jahhaniya fan camp to find his cramped container surrounded by rubbish.

He said: “It’s ridiculous that I have to pay so much money to stay in this tin can.

“I’m 1.80 m tall and my bed is too small. There is no place to move and the air conditioner makes so much noise that you cannot sleep.

“The bathroom isn’t a bathroom and you can hardly move without falling over the small table or kicking the bed.

“I’ve paid about $200 a night and I know that for $100 I can get a five-star full-board hotel.

“That’s not how you treat a visitor to a country. We paid so much money to come here.

“I’m a businessman, but I’m not rich. I spent a lot of money to come here and I expect to be treated much better.

“I’m sorry and I’m angry. Maybe it’s ok for the Qataris who are rich and live in luxury homes. Me, that’s not okay.’

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