Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Parramatta fans rub Canberra in the nose by mocking the Raiders’ Viking swatter during the grand finals win

Parramatta fans added insult to injury to Canberra fans by poking fun at the Raiders’ trademark Viking swatter in the closing moments of their 40-4 final win on Friday night.

Leading 34-4 with seven minutes left in the Sudden Death match, the die-hard Eels clapped in unison and filled CommBank Stadium with the sound of the Green Machine’s famous celebration.

The Eels stormed off the blocks at home in front of a crowd of 29,134 and never looked back after recording a 22-point lead in 25 minutes.

“Well that rubs it in… the Eels fans are having a night out now,” FoxLeague commentator Andrew Voss said as the clapping began.

In the seventh round of this year, Panthers fans also threw coach Stuart’s men off at their home fortress of Penrith as the minor Premiers won 36-6.

“Bloody disrespectful Parra fans! How dare you steal the Panther Viking Clap,” tweeted one fan following last night’s antics.

“Haha, the skin of them. Nothing in 36 years and trying to rub it in. Let’s see if they’re so cheerful after a trip to see the cowboys,” commented another fan.

In 2016, Michael Ennis taunted Raiders fans during the elimination finals when he performed the Viking smack on the sidelines after the Sharks’ 16-14 win.

They will now travel to Townsville to take on North Queensland next Friday night and chase their first major final appearance since 2009.

“I’m proud of the boys and happy for our club,” said Parramatta coach Brad Arthur after the game.

“But the job isn’t over yet, we have a big week ahead and we’re looking forward to it.

“Against Penrith we were a bit timid and didn’t play to our strengths but tonight we were a team that followed the game.”

The only minor concern for the Eels will be a headbutt for Mitchell Moses, who suffered a concussion in last week’s defeat by Penrith.

Moses, who made five conversions from seven and scored a late penalty goal, soon sent Waqa Blake a spiraling cutout pass that rolled in untouched down the right after 20 minutes.

Only a breakaway attempt by Xavier Savage kept the Raiders from being held to a clean sheet as they trailed 22-4 at halftime.

“We weren’t good enough,” said Raiders coach Ricky Stuart.

‘They had the upper hand and it was their turn tonight.

They caught us early and when you have 30-40 percent of football (it’s hard) to play against a team like that.

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