Monday, October 3, 2022

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Man United fans deface a new mural of Pep Guardiola just hours after it was unveiled to the public

A mural of Pep Guardiola near Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium was defaced with “MUFC” graffiti just hours after it was unveiled.

People queued for hours to see the artwork along Ashton New Road but around 10.30pm on Wednesday night black and white paint was thrown at the wall along with ‘MUFC’ spray-painted with green paint.

The mural on the side of Beswick House was the result of three days of hard work by artist Mr Meana, who admitted he felt sad for the club’s fans.

According to the Manchester Evening News, he said: “As street performers, we’re used to our work being temporary, but we feel so bad for the fans.”

Mr Meana was informed of the vandalism just after midnight and was back at the mural on Thursday to fix the artwork.

He added: “It was just so frustrating when I received this message just hours after it was completed.

“We had a lot of people walking by and taking photos while we were doing it. It won’t be possible to get it exactly the way it was when we originally finished it, but I’m doing my best.

“It’s work that has meant a lot to the fans and to Leslie. All football fans appreciate what he (Pep) has done, he is a legend not only of this club but of the sport.

“It put a smile on the faces of passers-by and is a great thing for matchdays. It’s just childish morons who want to do it, they’re not real football fans.”

Mr Meana completed the most intricate detail around Pep’s beard this morning to restore it to its former glory. “We didn’t want the people or individuals who did this to think it would stop us, we really wanted to do it right.”

Founded in 2019 by Mark Silver, MurWalls has collaborated with street artists across the country and works with brands and organizations to create bespoke artworks.

It is the company responsible for a number of football murals, including the painting of former Manchester City striker Sergio Agüero in the Northern Quarter, which was unveiled before he left the club in 2021.

Lesley Kelly, 63, who owns the Viking Street house, said: “It just makes me so angry. It’s vandalism.

“My brothers are United fans but they thought it was great. Anyone can appreciate what Pep has done and that this is an urban area right next to the stadium. It’s just so childish and pointless to do this.

“It looks like an adult did it given how high the paint was thrown. What kind of message does this send to children? I was so happy when this was finished it’s beautiful but now I’m just so angry.

“I was going to use it for work with MIND, the mental health charity, and for an outdoor derby day charity collection, it’s just so sad. People are always talking about putting things in place to brighten up the area, which this definitely did, but then this happens, it’s so frustrating.

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