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How will Red Bull be penalized for violating the F1 budget cap?

A deduction of Drivers’ or Constructors’ Championship points for the 2021 season is among the penalties Red Bull could face after being found guilty of violating Formula 1’s budget cap.

The FIA ​​revealed on Monday that Red Bull had overspent last year, surpassing the $145m (£114m) mark for the season.

The overspending was described as “marginal,” meaning Red Bull exceeded the cap by less than 5%, equivalent to $7.25 million.

The team was also found to have committed a procedural violation along with Aston Martin.

Both manufacturers can appeal the verdict, with Red Bull noting that they took the FIA’s verdict with “surprise and disappointment”.

“Our 2021 submission was below the cost cap, so we need to carefully review the FIA’s findings as we remain satisfied that the relevant costs are below the 2021 cost cap,” Red Bull said in a statement.

“Despite the suppositions and positions of others, there is of course a process under the regulations with the FIA ​​which we will respectfully follow while considering all the options available to us.”

The FIA ​​has not revealed how much Red Bull has overspent but said it is “at present determining appropriate action”.

The rules for a “minor” breach suggest that potential penalties could include:

Although Max Verstappen won his first world title in 2021 by eight points over Lewis Hamilton, the point deduction from last year’s championship is said to be unlikely.

While Christian Horner, team principal, has publicly claimed he doesn’t believe Red Bull breached the cap, the team could choose to reach a settlement agreement with the FIA.

This would mean accepting their wrongdoing and allowing the FIA ​​to impose directly what they believe to be an appropriate punishment.

If no agreement can be reached, an independent arbitration board decides instead whether the violation should be punished.

Red Bull and Aston Martin’s procedural violations do not relate to overspending, but to failure to fill out forms correctly.

Williams was fined $25,000 in June after it was found that he had similarly failed to follow correct procedure.

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