Monday, October 3, 2022

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Hero Socceroos goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne is mocked at a circus performance in Peru

Socceroos savior Andrew Redmayne was taunted at another Peru event – this time in a bizarre circus performance – for ruining the South American country’s run to the World Cup.

The Aussie shootout specialist thwarted Peru’s Qatar chances in June 2022 when he famously danced around the goal and dived to the right to save Alex Valera’s penalty.

Last month, Redmayne was hilariously taunted by a Peruvian rodeo clown dressed in a recreation of the Gray Wiggle socceroo strip – and now he’s been treated similarly during a circus performance.

Video of the circus performance shows a bald, bearded man dressed like Redmayne standing in a portable, makeshift goal and dancing back and forth while another circus hand pretends to take a penalty kick.

Running in to kick the ball, the fake Redmayne literally moves the goalposts by picking them up and dancing with them from side to side.

In mid-August, video of the rodeo stunt showed a performer posing with his hands on his hips and an expression copying Redmayne’s reaction as he deflected the shot and took Australia to Qatar.

He is then chased by an enraged bull, who knocks him off a small row of goal posts and charges into him.

The Peruvians also took aim at the Socceroos before taking the field against their national team, with 13 shamans holding a spiritual ceremony on the hills of Lima to curse the Australian team and bring their country a victory.

The witch doctors stabbed pictures of the Socceroos with swords and blew a native wind instrument called a pututo on the team photo.

“Peru will be at the World Cup in Qatar because we saw the happiness people get after taking ayahuasca plants,” said shaman Walter Alarcon.

Redmayne recently starred in a publicity stunt with The Wiggles, where he donned his signature ‘grey’ outfit while catching footballs while dancing with the crew.

The father-of-one then sang “Rock-A-Bye-Bear,” a Wiggles song he said he knew all the words because his daughter loved the kids’ band.

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