Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Former PSG women’s star Aminata Diallo ‘googled how to break a kneecap’

Former Paris Saint-Germain women’s star Aminata Diallo googled how to fracture a kneecap and what it says was a “dangerous drug cocktail” ahead of an attack on one of her team-mates last year.

Diallo was charged with aggravated assault on Friday night after being taken into police custody in connection with an attack by two masked strangers on team-mate Kheira Hamraoui last year.

After a team dinner on November 4, Hamraoui rode home as a passenger in a car driven by Diallo before she was dragged out of the car and hit in the legs with an iron bar.

Her legs were severely beaten and a police investigation ensued.

Now a new report from the Versailles Criminal Investigation Unit’s Crime Prevention Brigade, excerpts of which were published by French newspaper Le Parisien, claims that a “genuine hatred” has developed within Diallo towards her teammate, with a message allegedly found on her phone , wishing “everybody pain”, referring to teammates at PSG.

“She saw them as a hindrance to her own sports career,” the statement said The Parisianquotes the report.

The report is said to suggest that it is a “slow psychological drift that has become pathological, so to speak.”

Police are said to have tapped the phone of Diallo, a person interested in the investigation, and the court report said they were looking for a “dangerous drug cocktail” as well as “how to break a kneecap” leading up to the attack.

Diallo, who has been temporarily detained while awaiting further talks with the investigating magistrate, has consistently maintained her innocence from the start of the investigation.

She had previously been released without charge following her first detention last year.

But the latest bombing allegations, which have included Whatsapp messages from her phone, come as a shocking development in history in Paris.

“If I were as evil, jealous and calculating as they are… me [would tell a relative] to destroy them,” read a Whatsapp message.

Another, sent to a contact nicknamed “Jaja,” read: “I’m going to get shameless now! I need someone but fucking my job for free I don’t accept… I wish them [my team-mates] It’s a pity, I only need my relatives.’

Last year, Hamraoui spoke to French daily L’Equipe about the vicious attack and explained her fears as she lay “screaming in pain” on the pavement.

“I witnessed an attack of incredible violence,” she said.

“Two hooded strangers took me out of the car I was in to beat me on the legs with iron bars. That night I really thought I would stay there… I screamed in pain.

“I tried to protect myself as much as possible. I have a very painful memory.’

Four men have already been arrested in connection with the Hamraoui attack – a man nicknamed ‘the little one’ is said to have admitted to police that they were hired to attack the PSG star for €500 (£438).

Diallo has been without a club since the end of last season when her contract with PSG expired. She maintains her innocence regarding the attack on Hamraoui.

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