Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Footy players in a sex act video at a wild Mad Monday pub party in Glen Waverley learn their fate

The footy players, who took part in a dirty sex act filmed by teammates at wild Mad Monday celebrations last month, will not return to the Aussie Rules Club for the 2023 season.

In scenes that made headlines around the world, a vision emerged of Glen Waverley Football Club Third Division players gathering at a public bar in Melbourne.

One player in the clip performed a sex act with another after losing a bet while loud cheers could be heard in the background from his teammates.

The vision is said to have taken place at the team’s post-season celebrations on August 14 – after they were relegated to Division Four in their local competition.

An open letter from the club’s committee on Friday announced that “players involved in the incident will not be returning to the Eastern Football Netball League (EFNL) Division 4 team in 2023.”

The letter read: “The club committee has worked together to address the wide range of concerns from our members and stakeholders,” and a meeting was held with the league to “discuss and address the events.”

“An initial meeting of all committee members and a large portion of the senior playgroup was held to discuss and address the events. EFNL board members, the club’s main sponsor, lifetime members and members of the player’s families (sic) attended this meeting, where the general details, implications and response to the incident were discussed.

“The players involved in the video have issued apologies. At the end of this process, we confirm the following…the players involved in the incident will not be returning to the GWFNC.’

The club said it is “committed to every effort to rebuild the senior club in 2023, based on values ​​and standards of which the club community can be proud,” adding that it will continue to invest in its junior programme.

After the meeting, professional advisory support was “arranged to assist the players involved in managing the impact on their mental health and well-being,” the Herald Sun reported.

Patrons who were at the venue during the festivities said the rowdy group smashed glasses inside and outside the pub, steamed inside, stole drinks from behind the bar and danced on tables.

They also claimed bathrooms were damaged and covered in vomit and players were insulting other customers.

At the time, the club’s senior president Matt Hollard said all players on the team had been called to an emergency meeting to deal with the issue.

He said the team decided to address what happened as a group as many players were present at the unofficial end-of-season celebrations.

Hollard added that Glen Waverley Club officials have been in touch with the players in the video and they are “okay”.

“While we’re frustrated with what they’ve done, we need to make sure they’re okay as they work through it and work on themselves,” he said. “We will react and there will be consequences.”

Hollard also stated the unwanted reporting had become “almost unbearable and unrelenting.”

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