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Fans slam Kylian Mbappe… the striker is ready to leave PSG just months after signing a new deal

Fans have slammed Kylian Mbappe following reports that the PSG striker is looking to leave the PSG champions in the January transfer window, just months after he signed a new deal with the French champions.

Mbappe looked set to join Real Madrid in the summer but instead opted for a new £650,000-a-week contract to remain at PSG in May.

Less than four months later, it has emerged that Mbappe is no longer happy at PSG and Marca have reported that he told the club he wanted to continue back in July after feeling ‘betrayed’ by the club owners.

Fans have reacted to the latest news about Mbappe’s future and believe that the striker is paying to choose the money at PSG instead of joining Real Madrid.

“Mbappe chose money and now he is paying for his greed. A player loved by many is currently hated more than loved by football fans and pundits alike. Poetic justice,” one supporter posted on Twitter.

‘Mbappe wants to leave PSG now after signing new contract? he’s crazy His hands are tied now…he had the opportunity and was fooled with money, now he has realized that money can’t buy happiness,” added another fan.

Another fan wrote: “Mbappe really is a total idiot, why did you sign a new contract months ago smh.”

Mbappe has openly criticized coach Christophe Galtier’s tactics in the opening weeks of the season and his relationship with Neymar seems strained after the two fell out on the pitch over who should score a penalty against Montpellier in August.

One fan is stunned that Mbappe continues to moan about his current circumstances despite being one of the highest paid footballers in the world and having the chance to play alongside Neymar and Lionel Messi every week.

“Mbappe is like 23 making 1million a week playing for his youth club in Paris alongside two all-timers and still complaining lol,” they wrote.

Following Mbappe’s decision to snub Real Madrid earlier in the summer, the Spanish club’s president Florentino Perez insisted the Frenchman would regret his choice. A supporter pointed out that Perez was right.

“Perez was right, Perez is always right. He said Mbappe will soon regret his decision. He’s always ahead of the curve. Build a statue for this man in front of the Bernabeu because we will never have a President like him again,” they claimed.

Despite Real Madrid showing keen interest in Mbappe over the summer, PSG are clearly not ready to sell their star player to the Spanish giants.

Marca have reported that PSG will help Mbappe’s exit as long as certain conditions are met, including a move to the Bernabeu from the table.

That leaves Liverpool as one of the only viable options to sign Mbappe after the world champions revealed earlier this year that the Reds had shown interest in bringing him to Anfield.

It remains to be seen whether other clubs will throw their hats in the ring for his signature, but one supporter has claimed that despite the ‘baggage’ that comes with Mbappe, turning down the chance to sign him is not an option, because he is so good he is.

“It’s a shame Mbappe is coming with all that baggage, he’s already damaged his image with his ego for the past year or so. Such a hot head, but still a ridiculous footballer and one of the very best. So you can’t really say no,” they wrote.

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