Thursday, December 1, 2022

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F1 LIVE: Red Bull could be points deducted while awaiting penalty

Martin Brundle insists F1’s budget cap rules must be “tightened” following Red Bull’s “minor financial breach”, it was revealed on Monday.

Red Bull, who won the drivers’ championship with Max Verstappen last year and this year, say they are “surprised and disappointed” after the FIA ​​found they were guilty of exceeding the 2021 cost cap.

Their punishment is yet to be determined, with options ranging from a fine to point deductions. Aston Martin was found guilty of a procedural violation, as was Red Bull. still Sky Sports Expert and ex-F1 driver Brundle believes the 5 per cent margin of violation – when an infringement goes from minor to serious – is still too high and the rules need to be “rigid”.

“What seems crazy to me is that a minor injury can exceed the 7 million cost cap by up to 5%,” he said on Sky Every Monday driven Show. “We know this is a massive upgrade for a car, maybe even a B-Spec for some teams. So that needs to be streamlined for starters, because what’s the point of having 140 million, whatever the number at the end, and then having this 5 percent deviation?

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