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Boxing fan gets Chris Eubank Jr. to autograph his college LAPTOP

Chris Eubank Jr. received a bizarre request during a meet-and-greet session following his discarded fight with Conor Benn.

The 33-year-old performed at the Rathbone Boxing Club where he posed for photos and signed autographs for his supporters.

The British boxer is usually asked to autograph jerseys, promotional brochures and gloves for his fans, but on this occasion a fan got Eubank Jr. to autograph his university laptop.

The student approached Eubank Jr. and asked him to put a pen on plastic, and the boxer willingly agreed to sign the Apple-branded laptop.

During the video, captured by YouTube channel Boxing Social, the fan was heard saying: “This is my college laptop, I need it. It’s precious. Now it’s even more valuable.”

Oddly enough, it might not even be the most bizarre autograph request Eubank Jr. has received.

That happened in Newcastle last October ahead of his fight with Wanik Avdijan where he was asked to autograph a microwave.

The British middleweight boxer was stopped in the street outside the Hotel Indigo in Newcastle and swarmed by fans asking for pictures and autographs.

However, a supporter ran down the street with the microwave and bizarrely asked the 32-year-old to sign it.

The fan was heard saying, “This is the only thing I have,” as he asked the boxer to sign it.

Eubank Jr. – who was visibly shocked to have been asked to autograph a kitchen appliance – initially said, “No, not the microwave!”

However, the British middleweight boxer quickly changed his mind and gave his holdall to a friend.

Eubank Jr. then grabbed the marker and signed the top of the microwave. Viewers were equally shocked to see the 32-year-old autographing a kitchen utensil. One fan said: “A microwave? What the hell?’

While another supporter added: “I can’t believe I’m seeing this.”

The microwave was later placed on Ebay, where the Mirror reported it sold for £66,000.

Eubank Jr. was sent a link to the microwave sold and tweeted: “He was sent a link to the eBay auction selling the microwave I signed for in Newcastle.

“No idea how much it will cost but to make this situation more meaningful no matter what the winning bid is I will match it and donate the money to a charity of the winner’s choice.”

Eubank Jr. was scheduled to fight Benn on Oct. 8, only for the latter to test positive for the banned substance clomiphene — a female fertility drug classified under hormone and metabolic regulators that can increase testosterone in men.

Despite efforts by both parties to proceed with the event, it was eventually scrapped after the British Boxing Board of Control banned it from being held.

The Destroyer then took to social media after the fight was officially called off, insisting he was a clean athlete and stating he was “completely shocked and surprised” by the results.

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