Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Boxer Tai Emery, who flashed her boobs, vows to do something ‘Even Stupid’ in her next fight

Bare-knuckle fighter Tai Emery made headlines a few weeks ago by baring her breasts after a spectacular KO win – and now the Aussie promises to do something “even dumber” next time she appears.

The 35-year-old ex-electrician has no regrets about the daring celebration, in fact she’s made a lot of money from it as her OnlyFans page continues to grow in popularity.

Emery reported that prior to her now-viral celebration, she was making about $400 a week — and after that, that’s increased to $25,000 a month, or $300,000 a year.

“Life definitely took a turn just because I’m my crazy little self,” Emery recently told website MMA Junkie. “Honestly, it was super positive. Everyone feels super liberated by such an act.”

“It was super impulsive, but I’m also someone I like to say things to that are either a little bit vulgar or crass,” Emery said.

‘Just to annoy people a little. I know this is so sick, but I really enjoy just saying awkward things just to either make people laugh or scare them.

Not everyone agreed with the Australians’ style of celebration, but Emery doesn’t care. She says she “obsessed” the moment.

“To me, that’s real girl power,” she said. “In that moment everything was mine. I owned time myself in my own world. I think that was the most perfect way to say, ‘There’s nothing you can do about it, you know?’ this is my moment Nothing could change.”

Emery’s debut win came after many years of training, living in the gym and out of her car. She says she missed many meals to pursue her dream — and that all the sacrifices were worth it.

“It’s time to do what I want. I deserve it,” Emery said.

“So if I want to show my t**s again, guys, I’ll do whatever I want. One hundred percent I’ll probably do something even more stupid.

“That’s the whole point. Like I said, in that moment, I can KO someone, knock them out, I can own that moment for myself.

One of Emery’s biggest supporters was adult film star Kendra Lust, who took to social media after the Australian’s win and said:

“Congratulations to Tai Emery on your win with [BKFC]KO in the first round.

‘Was a pleasure to sponsor you and the best celebration in all sports after the win.’

When asked how the relationship came about, Emery says that getting a sponsorship was very difficult and that Lust was kind enough to help her when others didn’t.

Emery plans to get back in the ring in December and her opponent is still unknown at this point.

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