Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Angry Worcester staff DEMAND ownership change after helping club avoid suspension

Angry Worcester staff publicly called for a change of ownership on Friday after helping the club avoid a suspension from all rugby competitions – as the RFU sanctioned two games at Sixways this weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, the University of Worcester Warriors take on the Harlequins Women in the Allianz Cup, ahead of a reduced capacity of 1,999.

On Sunday, Steve Diamond’s Worcester men’s team meets Exeter in a Gallagher Premiership encounter, with the spectator limit set at 4,999.

The fact that both games can go ahead is a tribute to the remarkable dedication of the club’s staff, who are still awaiting late salaries from last month.

A statement released on her behalf gave a “softened” hint at the mood of simmering unrest that could boil over at any time – and called for the departure of ailing co-owners Colin Goldring and Jason Whittingham.

It read: ‘Although we did not receive our remaining 35 per cent salary for August – and some players and staff from both teams nothing at all – we have decided to do everything in our power to ensure that the two games at the weekend occur.

“We cannot promise that this goodwill will last indefinitely. We remain upset at the broken promises and lack of communication from above and hope that new owners will step in with a clear break with those currently in position.’

There was some dark humor on the surface.

The Warriors’ official Twitter account posted team news with a tongue-in-cheek intro that read, “No Photoshop, No Email, No Wifi, But We Have A Game Sunday!” Behind the scenes, however, morale is at rock bottom.

A Worcester employee told sports mail: “The club acted shamefully, without morals or integrity.

“Those involved should be ashamed and ashamed. I showed respect to the club without being repaid. I have to show myself some respect and draw a line. How can I continue?’

As lawyers continue to work through the details of a possible sale of the club – days after it was announced as a groundbreaking development – the clear message from staff is that future games are in doubt. But this weekend the show just goes on.

After giving Worcester until Friday noon to prove they could host games safely, the RFU gave them the all-clear for the time being.

Meanwhile, the Professional Game Board announced changes to the minimum standard criteria governing entry into the Premiership.

If Championship clubs eligible for promotion are reviewed in January, they must have a ground capacity of 5,000 fans, planning permission to expand to 10,001 fans, appropriate funds and an agreement with a contractor.

The capacity expansion should be completed by the start of the 2024/25 season.

At the end of last season, Ealing Trailfinders were denied promotion despite proposing plans to expand their Trailfinders sports ground in west London.

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