Friday, September 30, 2022

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AFL greats blast Brisbane Lions and highlight star who let team down Jonathan Brown Nick Riewoldt

Legendary Brisbane forward Jonathan Brown has lashed out at his former club, saying they were not an interim AFL Finals team and should not be seduced by their Final Four finish.

After Geelong’s humiliation of the Lions with 71 points, the 256-game, 594-goal champion said the Lions got lucky in their Finals victories over Richmond and Melbourne.

Those victories made them one of the last four teams left this season after finishing sixth in the rankings with a 15-7 record.

Brown put pressure on Brisbane’s ability to run and said opposing coaches encouraged their players to exploit that weakness.

“Brisbane weren’t a tentative end team… they’re going to need some big adjustments in the off-season when it comes to their roster because I’m worried about their run,” he told Fox Sports.

“It’s no secret that clubs can get access to GPS data, there are coaches in competition who have used this data and shown their playing group when they play Brisbane.

“Look at the difference. Brisbane are way down when it comes to overall competitive running and that’s a concern they need to address everywhere.

He suggested their power-forward trio of Joe Daniher, Eric Hipwood and Dan McStay threw them off balance, adding that they couldn’t reach a grand final until they addressed the apparent weakness.

“You’re all scorers, you look at the other top teams, you have three or four half-forwards that go up and down and can help overwhelm in the competition, help your revenue game,” Brown said.

“We know if you’re in the last three or four teams in the competition in terms of runability, that’s not going to be done in the last two weeks of the season.

“They might not like to hear that, but that’s just the reality of the modern game.”

Former St Kilda star Nick Riewoldt individualized the criticism, pointing to the vision of Brisbane defender Daniel Rich following his direct opponent in defense rather than chasing a Geelong player in a more dangerous position.

“He didn’t feel like getting involved in team defense at all,” Riewoldt told Fox Sports.

“It’s okay if he’s got the foot and looks nice… because he’s a great kick, but over and over again you’ll see that from Daniel Rich having no interest in joining the team’s defence.”

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