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Wordle Today, September 21, 2022, leaves some players stunned

Today’s Wordle, September 21, 2022, has left some players dumbfounded. This post contains hints and the answer to Wordle 459, so don’t read further unless you want an idea.

Read on for a hint or the answer:

Here’s a hint for today’s Wordle:

It is a word that contains a prefix.

Still stuck? Here’s another clue:

It’s something you might see at the beginning of a TV show.

Today’s Wordle also had a number of people asking if “remember” is a word. Sorry to say it, no it isn’t. But you are so close.

If you’re still having trouble, read on for the answer.

The answer to the current Wordle is “recap,” which means “to repeat the main points of an explanation or description,” according to the Cambridge Dictionary.

Even if you have today’s Wordle answer, you may not know that “recap” is actually the shortened form of another word. “Recapitulate” comes from the word “recapitulate,” the dictionary says.

Recap can be a noun or a verb. The verb form is listed first in the Cambridge Dictionary. You can use it in a sentence by saying, “Finally, the teacher summed up the key points of the lesson,” or “To sum up, our main goal is to increase sales by 15 percent this year,” it said. dictionary.

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