Monday, October 3, 2022

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Wales prepares for ‘risk’ of UK disintegration, Prime Minister says

The UK is closer to breaking up than at any time in 50 years, the Welsh Prime Minister says, revealing Cardiff is preparing for it.

Mark Drakeford warned that only the Labor Party is arguing for saving the union and accused Boris Johnson of increasing its vulnerability through his actions in No. 10.

Liz Truss has been accused of showing a similar disrespect to Scotland and Wales after vowing to “ignore” Nicola Sturgeon and calling Mr Drakeford a “low energy Jeremy Corbyn”.

The Prime Minister said: “I think the risk of the UK not going ahead is greater today than at any time in my political life. I certainly don’t think it’s inevitable.”

In a political podcast, he argued that Labour, which is pushing for further devolution, is “making an offer about the UK that people would want to buy”.

But he warned: “We are desperately short of an articulation by another party of a positive argument for a voluntary union.”

The Welsh Government has set up a Constitutional Commission, chaired by the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, to examine how the union can be a lasting success.

But Mr Drakeford added: “There is a second question, which is that if the UK doesn’t stick together, what are the options for Wales?

“Because the idea of ​​Scotland leaving and everything else going on as if it hadn’t happened is clearly not plausible at all.

“We’ve never had to think seriously about what the choices would be for Wales and the committee will help us do that, but we need to map that area with a seriousness that I think reflects the risks we have.” currently face.”

Drakeford, who has warned of a lavish ceremony to crown the new Prince of Wales amid anger at the hasty decision to install him, also referred to his heart-pounding battles with the last prime minister.

Boris Johnson believed the way to save the UK was to assert muscular unionism – bully Britain, as you might more pejoratively put it – where the way to secure the UK’s future was to show who was boss,” he said. told The rest is political podcast

“And actually that’s completely counterproductive and adds to the fragility of the UK rather than being something people choose to belong to and want to belong to.”

However, he downplayed the Welsh independence campaign, saying: “There is a growing interest in independence because of the risks to the UK’s future, that’s inevitable.

“But it would still … not be a small minority, but no more than 20 percent or so.”

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