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US expert: Elon Musk spoke to Vladimir Putin of Ukraine

Elon Musk provided with a peace plan for Ukraine for Vortex. Now the next bomb is apparently going off: Did the Tesla boss discuss his ideas with the Kremlin?

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Elon Musk denied having spoken to Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin prior to his controversial peace proposals in the war in Ukraine. The American magazine “Vice” talked about it and referred to the statements of the American political expert Ian Bremmer. In a newsletter to clients of the political consultancy Eurasia Group, Bremer said that Musk had told him about his conversation with Putin.

Not true, Musk wrote about the report in his tweet on Tuesday. “I only spoke to Putin once and that was 18 months ago,” he added. He was about space travel.

The 51-year-old businessman had proposed, among other things, that Ukraine give up the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia to end the war and referendums in Russian-occupied areas and then his followers vote on him via Twitter. In the face of Russian aggression, the ideas – which coincide with Russian ideas – have attracted much criticism.

Eurasia Group head Bremmer repeated his original claims in several tweets on Tuesday after Musk’s rejection. “Elon Musk told me that he spoke directly with Putin and the Kremlin of Ukraine. He also told me what the Kremlin’s red lines are,” Bremmer wrote.

Bremmer stressed that he has written his weekly newsletter on geopolitics for 24 years, “honestly and without fear or favoritism”. This update was no different. He added: “I have long admired Musk as a unique and revolutionary entrepreneur, and I have said it publicly. He is not a geopolitical expert.”

Musk also replied to Bremmer’s most recent tweets. “Nobody should trust Bremmer,” the entrepreneur wrote on Twitter.

Russia recently announced the annexation of four occupied territories, not internationally recognized, after referendums that violate international law. Following the ideas of Ukraine, Musk also suggested making Taiwan a “special administrative region” under Chinese rule, arousing indignation from the Taipei government.

The Kremlin welcomed Musk’s “positive” proposal to end the war. His tweets have also been cited in Russian state media. Musk himself says he is on the side of Ukraine but wants to avoid a nuclear war. Musk is not only the head of electric car maker Tesla, but he also runs the space company SpaceX.

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