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+ Ukraine war news blog + Report: Iranians train Russians on drones

Day 232 since the beginning of the war: missile attacks on Ukrainian cities continue. According to a report, Iran will support Russia in Ukraine. All information in the news blog.

4:10: The US “Institute for the Study of War” reports that Russian forces may have sent personnel associated with the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to occupied areas in Iran

brought to Ukraine. These are used to train Russian troops in the use of Iranian Shahed 136 drones. Ukrainian security sources said Russian forces brought an unspecified number of Iranian instructors to Dzankoi in Crimea and the port of Zalizniy and Hladivtsi in Kherson Oblast to teach Russian forces how to use the Shahed-136 attack drones.

The institute is based on information from the Ukrainian National Resistance Center. The Revolutionary Guards, officially called the “Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution”, are part of the Iranian Armed Forces. The British Defense Ministry announced yesterday that it assumes Iran has been supplying missiles, also known as kamikaze drones, to Russia since August.

3:30: Mykolaiv mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych reports on Telegram that Russian rockets hit a five-story apartment building on Thursday night. Rescuers are present on site. No information on injuries is currently available. Sienkevych said further information will be provided in the morning.

1:45: The British government wants to deliver Amaraam anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine for the first time. The missiles, which are capable of launching cruise missiles alongside the US-promised Nasams air defense system, will be brought to Ukraine in the coming weeks, the Defense Ministry said in London. “The missiles will help protect Ukraine’s critical infrastructure,” read Thursday’s statement. In addition, London wants to deliver hundreds of other types of anti-aircraft missiles, 18 pieces of artillery and hundreds of reconnaissance drones to Ukraine.

12:10: German Colonel Ralf Feldotto expects Russia to hold an exercise of its nuclear forces by the end of the month. The head of the Department of Defense for Early Crisis Detection and Global Assessment of Security and Threat Situations explained in a Bundeswehr YouTube video. “These are the clues we have.”

This is the so-called nuclear triage: air, sea and land forces must collaborate in an exercise called “Grom” (thunder). These exercises take place annually, mostly after the main strategic exercise. This took place this year under the name “Vostok”. During nuclear weapons maneuvers, “leadership procedures are practiced and here too new skills are tested, if necessary, and of course interaction,” says Feldotto. In early October, a train of nuclear units allegedly headed for Ukraine caused a stir. It could be a preparation for the “Grom” exercise.

Wednesday 12 October

23:07: French President Emmanuel Macron continues to rely on a diplomatic solution in the war in Ukraine. “Vladimir Putin must end this war, respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity and return to the negotiating table,” Macron said in an interview with France 2 on Wednesday evening. “I believe that at some point it is in the interest of Russia and Ukraine to return to the negotiating table to return and negotiate.” The question then arises as to whether war objectives such as Ukraine’s territorial integrity can only be achieved militarily.

Macron stressed that he is ready to speak to the Kremlin boss at any time. If you want to restore peace, you need to talk to the protagonists, the president said. “Whenever necessary, I will speak with Vladimir Putin and at some point, I hope as soon as possible, all parties involved will have to return to a negotiating table and there will be peace negotiations with Ukraine on one side and Russia on the other. “.

23:05: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is asking international donors for additional aid of up to 55 billion dollars. In a video speech to finance ministers at the annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), he says the money is needed to cover next year’s budget deficit. In addition, another 17 billion would be needed to start rebuilding critical infrastructure. “The more aid Ukraine receives now, the faster the Russian war will end,” he says.

10:45 pm: The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly condemned Russia’s illegal annexations of Ukraine. On Wednesday 143 of 193 member states voted in favor of a corresponding resolution in the largest UN body in New York – 5 countries voted against, 35 abstained. The decision is not binding under international law, but it shows Moscow’s clear international isolation. Read more here.

21:10: The main democratic economic powers intend to provide Ukraine with additional financial aid in the coming year. “Together with the international community and in close cooperation with the Ukrainian government, we will remain committed to supporting Ukraine in the coming months and years,” G7 finance ministers said Wednesday after meeting on the sidelines of the autumn IMF meeting in Moscow Washington . In 2023, the country faces a significant funding gap to ensure basic services and remedy deficiencies in critical infrastructure.

Finance ministers said Ukraine’s most pressing financial needs for the current year are covered by international support. In addition to military and humanitarian support, budget support of US $ 20.7 billion (€ 21.3 billion) has already been channeled, for a total of US $ 33.3 billion has been committed for this year.

20:49: French President Emmanuel Macron announces the delivery of anti-aircraft and radar systems to Ukraine. This will happen in the coming weeks, Macron told broadcaster France 2. In addition, work is being done with Denmark to supply more howitzers. As the intensity of Russian attacks on Ukraine has changed, the military presence in Eastern Europe must also be increased.

19:48: On Wednesday, the Ukrainian general staff recorded further Russian missile and air strikes on residential buildings and objects of civilian infrastructure. In the evening report on the situation in Kiev, there was talk of three missile attacks and four cases of bombing by airplanes. Multiple rocket launchers have been used ten times. Of the ten targets hit, most were in the frontline areas of Zaporizhia and Mykolaiv to the south.

In addition, the Russian military continues to use Iranian-made combat drones, ten of which have been shot down. Ukrainian military data was not independently verifiable. The civil administration reported from central Ukraine’s Vinnytsia region that two of these drones had been intercepted.

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