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Tulsi Gabbard’s connections to secret cults may explain her confusing political journey

Tulsi Gabbard has taken extreme positions on LGBT+ rights, spreading disinformation about Ukrainian biolabs and claiming she was shadow-banned by Big Tech, while using her massive social media presence to call Joe Biden a “warmonger.” .

In one breath, Gabbard expresses a desire to bring love and aloha from her native Hawaii to the world, in the next she’s fueling conspiracy theories on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show.

This week, Gabbard announced she was leaving the Democratic Party, claiming it had become “an elite cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly vigilance.”

The decision came as no surprise to anyone who has followed her political journey from 2020 Democratic presidential nominee to darling of Russian propagandists and the American far-right.

To understand her ambitions, her aunt tells Dr. Caroline Sinavaiana Gabbard pleasemynews in an interview that it is necessary to look at her upbringing in a secretive cult called the Science of Identity Foundation (SIF), whose members show absolute loyalty to a reclusive guru, Chris Butler.

A former member tellspleasemynews the group’s teachings are virulently homophobic, often anti-Islamic and misogynist, and how they were forced to worship Butler, who is seen as related to a god.

Sinavaiana Gabbard says her niece’s career has been all about the pursuit of power, and her 2020 bid for the presidency is the culmination of four decades of Butler’s efforts to seek political influence.

“Once again, I find my niece’s apparent penchant for parroting extremist toadyeaters like Tucker Carlson and vile ‘strongmen’ like Vladimir Putin problematic and deeply disturbing,” said Sinavaiana Gabbard, an emeritus professor of English at the University of Hawaii pleasemynews.

“I am not pleased to note that Tulsi’s sole guiding principle seems to be expediency, which is not really a principle at all.”

In her keynote speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, Tulsi Gabbard described the various ways she was vilified by her political opponents.

“I’m sure you’ve all heard them before,” Gabbard said. “Russian asset. White Racist. Bigot. Racist. Extremist. Traitor.”

Gabbard received multiple standing ovations from the grandees of the Republican Party for her isolated attacks on the abort culture, the power elite, and “Biden-Clinton-Neocon-Neolib” foreign policy.

Gabbard is a veteran who has toured Iraq, still serves in the National Guard and has spoken about how the horrors of war led her firsthand to an anti-interventionist stance on US foreign policy.

In statements following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Gabbard claimed that Ukraine was not worthy of protection because it was “not really a democracy” and that US-funded “biolabs” could lead to the release of “dangerous pathogens.”

This unsubstantiated claim reflected Russian propaganda that the United States was funding laboratories in Ukraine to create illegal biological weapons for use against Russia.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney responded by saying Gabbard was spreading “treasonable lies.”

Undeterred, Gabbard told Jesse Watters on March 15 that freedom of expression in the US faces similar threats as it does in Russia, which has banned any criticism of the government and jailed tens of thousands of protesters.

“It’s striking when you see the Putin propaganda and you align it against the Biden propaganda,” she said.

Politifact rated the statement with a “Pants are on fire” lie.

Her pro-Kremlin talking points led to Russian state television introducing her as “Tulsi, our friend”.

After part of her Fox interview aired, one panelist asked, “Is she some kind of Russian agent?”

Gabbard was a guest host on Tucker Carlson’s show in August.

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